Envisionfest Death Total Bummer For Festival Goers

The lifeless body of a 30-year-old man was discovered at Envision Festival this morning in Uvita, effectively harshing the buzz of everyone in the vicinity. Since the body presented no signs of violence, it is assumed that the man overdosed on drugs, or drowned, but most likely overdosed, at least according to one expert in the comment section. … Read more

5 Beautiful Costa Rican Beaches (That Want To Kill You)

5 Beautiful Costa Rican Beaches (That Want To Kill You) With it’s two stunning coastlines surrounded by lush jungles, there is no denying Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A popular travel destination among adventurous travelers since the 80s, people come to Costa Rica for a variety … Read more

Politically Charged Dildo Meme Censored By Facebook

Recently The Costa Rica Post fired one of our interns for submitting an offensive meme featuring Frente Amplio Candidate Edgardo Araya and a transparent box containing a dildo. But against our better judgement, we posted it anyways. Then Facebook fired us, and it turns out dildos weren’t even the problem. According to Facebook, the meme we … Read more

8 Costa Rican Greetings (that aren’t Pura Vida)

It seems like every day another article pops up on the internet promising to help Gringos successfully assimilate into Costa Rican culture through the proper use of local slang, or more specifically, the correct use of “Pura Vida.” This is not one of those articles. From The Matador Network to The Weekly Crawler, there is … Read more

Sex, Sadistic Lawyers and Sleeping Next to a Urinal: The Cuba Dave Story

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you have probably already heard of Dave “Cuba Dave” Strecker, the infamous Gringo that was arrested at the airport on his way home to Florida for blogging about having sex with prostitutes on the now noticeably prostitute-free website www.cubadave.com. Although we may have poked … Read more

Nature Boy Eligio Bishop: Sexiest Cult Leader Alive

Eligio Bishop, might have made a name for himself as a former Model, stripper, and prostitute turned philosopher, but he’s got another title now: “The Sexiest Cult Leader Alive”. Back in June 2016, Bishop posed with a backpack on Facebook, writing “the Ascension journey has begun.” He was heading for Honduras, urging commenters on the post … Read more

Top 13 Reasons to get a Stupid “Pura Vida” Tattoo

Tattoos, like the reasons people get them, are generally bad; and the cultural appropriation of phrases like “Pura Vida” by pasty skinned white-folk are no exception. In an effort to save a few Gringos from making the same mistakes as some of the idiot Gringos that came before them, we present the Top 13 Reasons … Read more