Nature Boy Eligio Bishop: Sexiest Cult Leader Alive

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Eligio Bishop, might have made a name for himself as a former Model, stripper, and prostitute turned philosopher, but he’s got another title now: “The Sexiest Cult Leader Alive”.

Back in June 2016, Bishop posed with a backpack on Facebook, writing “the Ascension journey has begun.” He was heading for Honduras, urging commenters on the post to let him be their “guide out of the hell realm.” As it turns out, he is also pretty good at guiding ladies’ panties out of the crotch realm, sometimes in front of children.

How does Nature Boy feel about being named Sexiest Cult Leader Alive?

“I never be ashamed of sex,” he says. “My son, he be breast feeding, I be making love to his momma. That’s me brah, that’s how I get down around kids.”

Pedophile anecdotes aside, Bishop, 34, credits his followers for convincing him to embrace the title. But a bigger incentive for the Manwhore turned Wiseman was being able to stick it to Spirit Airlines whom the cult leader once accused of being racist after they kicked his entire cult off a flight from Costa Rica because they smelled bad. “I can’t wait get naked in front of Spirit Airline’s kids,” Bishop is assumed to have said. “As proud as I am and honored that you guys asked me, that’s really the only thing I care about.”

To celebrate his title – and recent release from Facebook Jail – Bishop had originally planned to make his Sexiest Cult Leader Alive debut on his recently purchased, and completely unblockable website,

….but unfortunately the website has since been blocked.

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