Envisionfest Death Total Bummer For Festival Goers

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The lifeless body of a 30-year-old man was discovered at Envision Festival this morning in Uvita, effectively harshing the buzz of everyone in the vicinity. Since the body presented no signs of violence, it is assumed that the man overdosed on drugs, or drowned, but most likely overdosed, at least according to one expert in the comment section.

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And at least one doctor was quick to agree: “Because of the background we already have of this festival, many patients have been admitted under the effects of drugs, with traumas and other things. Previously several patients have been intubated and transferred to another medical center,” said doctor Keylor Barrantes, a local doctor who obviously knows what he is talking about. 


Although some of the details surrounding the man’s death remain unclear, most likely due to the witnesses being rrrrreal fucking high on drugs, a call was made around 7 am reporting a body on the shore of the beach. A private paramedic unit transported the victim to Hospital Tomás Casas in Ciudad Cortés where the man was pronounced dead on arrival.

Awakening Human Potential

According to the Envionsion Festival website, “Envision is a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential through the collective participation in art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, regenerative strategies and our fundamental connection with nature.”


And lots and lots of drugs:

According to Security Minister Carlos Hidalgo, local police arrested 11 festival goers for violating Costa Rica’s Psychotropic Law. Hidalgo also commented that 293 marijuana buds, 33 doses of cocaine, 37 grams of crack, 66 ecstasy pills and nearly 200 dosis of other drugs such as ketamine, LSD and “molly” were confiscated over the weekend. 

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