Random Character Generator: All you need to know!

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Not too long ago, writers had to rely on a detailed notebook to get ideas for their characters. It was an effective process. But it took a lot of time.

It’s somewhat stressful having to carry a notebook everywhere you go. It’s also not the best spending each moment trying to capture and add flesh to some sort of character in bloom.

At the end of the day, most writers still found no luck in coming up with three-dimensional characters. It was a big problem until the random character generator came and provided a solution.

What is a Random Character Generator

A random character generator is a tool you can use to create your characters and add more flesh to them. As the name implies, it randomly generates characters.

If you find it a little difficult to create a detailed profile for your characters, don’t fret. Just check out some random character generators. They can help you with whatever story you’re trying to tell.

Why do you need a random character generator

Aren’t you tired of spending the whole time trying to come up with characters?  It’s not like you can’t. But, the random character generator helps to increase the speed of your drafting.

You can choose to use the characters as introduced. The random character generator can open up a world of ideas for you when writing your story.

Random character generators you can use

Perhaps you want to use the random character generator, check out some of these ones that you can use to improve the depth of your story.


There are random character generator websites. These websites can help you generate characters for your story.

The functions of these websites range from creating character names to building a full and detailed biography about them.

Here are some random character generators sites that we recommend:

  • https://www.character-generator.org.uk
  • https://www.rangen.co.uk/chars/quickchargen.php
  • https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/character-descriptions.php

Mobile Applications:

There are some applications that are made to specifically improve the depth of your stories. This includes creating characters and generating a profile for them. If you use a mobile, you can install some of these apps and see how you like them:

  • Auctor
  • Character Generator
  • RPG Character Generator
  • ePic Character Generator
  • Character Generator Pro

Be sure to check them out and ease yourself through that character generation process.

How to use a random character generator

To use a random character generator, all you need to do is to pay a visit to these websites or apps. Then you enter a few details about your characters.

On some of these random character generators, you might need to enter some details before you can proceed. Some others will allow you to generate a character completely at random.

When you have gotten your character, you can then tweak some of the details about them. You can do this till you’re satisfied or generate another random character altogether.

Make your plotting easier with random character generators

Storytelling has never been easier. Well-rounded characters provide the much-needed insight to keep your plot rolling. They are even more functional when working through subplots and B-stories.

So, get a random character generator today. Do more of what you’ve always loved. The world awaits your story.

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