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The number of people living with Dementia is on the rise. Adults are the primary patient of this bothering ailment. 

Many dementia patients reside in Long Term Care, LTC.  

With the increase in the number of admissions to LTC, naturally, there’ll be an increase in the demand for personnels who are well trained in handling dementia cases. 

An understanding of the what Dementia represents is fundamental to this discuss. This brings us to the question of what dementia is 

What is Dementia

When we talk about Dementia, what comes to mind is memory loss. Dementia goes beyond just memory loss. It is the changes in memory, thinking, mood, and behavior. The word Dementia does not refer to a particular disease.

 It is a general term used to refer to a range of medical conditions, complications at that. There are many causes of Dementia. However, Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia are the most common cause. 

According to statistics, Alzheimer accounts for close to 80% of reported dementia cases.  So, how do you know when people have Dementia?

Some early signs of Dementia are;

  • Short term memory loss
  • Issues with keeping track with necessary activities
  • Mood swings 
  • Depreciating analytical skills

If you notice any of these signs, it becomes paramount that you visit your doctor. 

What is Dementia Training

Dementia training is an exercise or a program set up by seasoned professionals to train people who want to either become an LCT professional or just want to improve their knowledge of Dementia. 

Dementia training is not very broad, but it is very detailed, it takes students through different symptoms of Dementia. It also helps to identify the early signs, the effects of Dementia, and how it influences moods and communication of its patients.

Dementia training also covers how to set up and develop a relationship with people affected by Dementia. After undergoing the training, the student should be able to

  • Spot a dementia patient
  • Manage good relationship with people living with Dementia
  • Understand how dementia patients think and feel.

General Care for Dementia

Taking care of someone with Dementia is not an easy task; you have to make up your mind to handle whatever your patient throws at you. Here are some tips that might help:

Avoid Getting Frustrated

People with Dementia can quickly push you to the wall, caring for them seems like a loop because you have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. You have to understand that it is not their fault, and they need your help.

Let Them Have Their Way

Sometimes you just have to let them have their way to be flexible and allow their desire to take center stage; however, we have to be creative about it. If there refuse to eat a particular meal, offer them other varieties of food until they eat so that they won’t starve.

Ensure the Environment is Safe

Severe Dementia put patients in vulnerable to accidents. So you have to be very cautious, prevent falls, keep sharp objects away, ensure that the water temperature is perfect, and use a lock when necessary.

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