[email protected] is shutting down… Here are 5 alternatives!

By admin / March 8, 2020

For so long, curiosity has been the main driver for most of the world’s greatest inventions. Think about it, we were curious about birds and we went on to invent the airplane.

Curiosity was also how [email protected] came to be. It was well the same virtue that drove [email protected]’s aim to answer one essential question:

Can proof for life beyond the human race be provided?

[email protected]

[email protected] premiered on the 17th of May, 1999. Then, it debuted as the world’s third-largest major computing project at that time.

Throughout its years of existence, the funds for the project were crowdsourced. 

The raised funds were dedicated to searching for shreds of evidence of extraterrestrial life. This powered on through radio signals.

The project also provided some form of practicality to the concept of “volunteering” in the computing world.

The Proposed Hibernation

[email protected] has been around for over 21 years now. In all those years, [email protected] provided the most accurate information on the likely presence of extraterrestrial life.

But, the body has taken to its Twitter page to announce its intended shutdown. [email protected] released a statement that it would suspend operations as from the 31st of March, 2020. 

After this period, they will send no new or fresh updates to the users of [email protected] across the globe.

So that’s it? [email protected] hinting its likely end after its domination of almost 2 decades? Yes, this might be it. A complete shutdown.

This announcement has caused about 90, 000 active users to ask the same question that must be on your mind now.


Why [email protected] is shutting down

The [email protected] project began as a crowdsourced project. Since then, it has proved that crowdsourcing in computing could be a huge success.

The program was sustained for about 21 years. [email protected], unfortunately, seems to have hit its end without the full achievement of its core goal. Does alien life really exist? Have they been able to gather evidences of their presence?

The project appears to have reached a difficult point. In fact, the team feels it has gathered enough data to make the call.

It feels the need to focus on the analysis of the accumulated results that they’ve already gathered.

Will this be the end of the search for confirmation of terrestrial life?

Will there be other ways to proceed towards establishing the presence of other alien lifeforms?

Are there any alternatives to [email protected]?

Are you worried about the possibility of no longer getting updates on [email protected]? Calm down! Stroll to your fridge, get yourself a cold drink, then sit back and read on.

This article will show you five major alternatives of creative research- much like [email protected]

With these alternatives, you can continue your search for extraterrestrial life.

The Top Five Alternatives to [email protected]

We present to you our top 5 alternatives to continuing your search for what you’re so much passionate about:

1. [email protected]

[email protected] is a computing project that attempts to get signals from undetected radio pulsar.

The project was designed to search for extraterrestrial life by analyzing radio wave data.

It also employs a similar software program to [email protected] so there’s no need to mourn your losses for too long.

[email protected] is one of the best alternative systems to [email protected] With it, you can continue useful research on your core interests.

Click here to create an account now.

2. [email protected]

[email protected] is a “citizen science project” for specialized research on interstellar dust particles.

If you’re seeking for a cutting-edge and worthy replacement for [email protected] to channel your interests, log in to [email protected]

Click here to create an account now.

3. [email protected]

[email protected] is also one of the largest communities when it comes to finding and making astronomical discoveries that have otherwise been unknown to the majority of the world’s population.

This computing project also focuses on the advancement of studies in the interstellar space. Do not hesitate to check it out.

Who knows, you might pick up some new interests along the way.

Click here to create an account now.

4. [email protected]

[email protected] is a volunteer-oriented project based in Poland. It uses volunteers such as you to help with researches in Physics and Astronomy. Don’t idle away on the internet. 

Don’t slide into a melancholic mood because of the disappearance of [email protected] Instead, focus on discovering and sorting scientific problems of stellar changes and evolution. 

Universe @home like the rest of other major computing programs uses the BOINC platform to run the majority of its computations. This means there’s nothing you’re not already familiar with if you’ve already worked on [email protected]

Click here to create an account now.

5. [email protected]

[email protected] is also a BOINC distributed computing project. It allows you to volunteer to spare your time to advancing scientific studies.

It also runs on funds gathered from the majority of the science-inclined population.

This body is passionate about getting results. Results that are capable of influencing future analysis of cosmological data.

Click here to create an account now.

Marching into the future: What lies ahead?

It is not yet confirmed that [email protected] is pulling out of the industry completely. The team has announced that this disappearance is a “hibernation.”

They maintain that it is not a complete fallout or shutdown. The site after the proposed time will still be accessible to the public.

It is rather obvious that despite all odds, [email protected] will find every means possible to get back on their feet. There is still a sliver of hope.

[email protected] will continue to discharge its priceless service, to the scientific populace.

While they proceed on that search, make use of these key alternatives. Be sure to guarantee that you never miss out on any of those core updates on extraterrestrial life.

All forms of progress begin with our desire to learn more about the universe.

Continuing on these programs will provide some hope for achieving these positives. So visit these websites, register and participate.

Let’s not stop discovering more about the universe.

How to Play Marble Games

By admin / February 28, 2020

Marble games are a fun way to relax with friends. All you need to enjoy a game of marbles is plenty of marbles, chalk or a marker to draw with, and a friend to make the game competitive.

Marble games can be played in numerous ways. This article is going to cover some of the more popular ways to play with marbles.

How to Play Classic Marble Game Ringer

The conventional and most popular way to play with marbles is the ringer method. This is the method known and used by most children and it is possibly the easiest form of marble games to grasp.

The method is pretty straight forward. 

  • A large circle is drawn in the sand (usually big enough to contain 13 marbles, which could mean about 6 – 11 feet in diameter). The marbles should be positioned in a crossed and spaced 3inches from each other. 
  • The first player begins by trying to hit a marble out of the circle while keeping the shooter in the ring.
  • If the player misses, the player’s turn is over and the shooter is picked up. Also, the next player gets a chance to hit marbles out of the ring. 
  • If the shooter hits a marble but also rolls out of the ring. The player keeps the knocked-out marble(s) and ends the turn for the next player. 
  • If the shooter hits a marble and also stays in the ring, the player proceeds to shoot again from the position where the shooter ends. 
  • Each new turn sees the shooter take a new position from anywhere outside the ring. 
  • The player with the most collected marbles is the winner of the game. 

A Breakdown of How to Play the Classic Marble Game: Ringer

For easier understanding, here is an illustrated breakdown showing how the Ringer is played. 


To begin a game of Ringer, all participants will lag from the line that has been drawn tangent to the circle towards the parallel line drawn across the circle which is 10 feet away.

Whoever has the shooter nearest to the line will have the first shot. This is usually the best way to start the game.

A piece of advice to players is to practice lagging because it is possible to win the game before your opponent even has a chance to take a shot.

While lagging, a player can choose to toss their shooter across the line or just shoot it across. 


In this image, the first player marked No.1 won the lag is getting ready to begin the game by knuckling down.

It is, however, important to note the knuckle shouldn’t hit the ground yet which is a requisite for shooting.

At this point, any position around the circle can be taken before the shot has been taken. Also, notice the arrangement of the 13 marbles within the circle properly spaced. 


In this image, the first player has hit a marble from the circle with the first shot and the shooter still remains in the circle.

The marble has been picked up. Also, taking into account the marble knocked out of the circle, he gets to have another round shooting at the marbles.

Players are not allowed to walk into the circle unless their shooter stops rolling within the circle. The penalty should a player break this rule is one marble.


Here, the first player continues to play on because of the knocked-out marble. He has knuckled down within the circle on the exact location where his shooter stopped after his previous shot.

This move allows him to be nearer to the larger group of marbles places in the center of the ring for his next shot.

Seasoned marble players aim their shots to hit a marble, take it out of the circle while making the shooter remain in the spot. 


In this image, the first player hit a marble but it was not knocked out of the ring. Also, the shooter remains within the ring.

The player cannot pick up the hit marble and neither can the shooter be picked up.

The shooter is left there till every other person has had their turn. 


The second player begins by knuckling down in any location along the edge of the circle.

In this scenario, the player could aim and shoot at any of the 11 marbles located at the center of the circle. He could also choose to aim at the shooter or the marble hit but not knocked out of the circle by the first player


Here, the second player has decided to aim at the first player’s shooter and hits it out of the circle.

This has allowed the second player to win the marbles taken by the first player, effectively taking out the first player out of the game. 


Here, the second player hits a marble but also fails to knock it out of the circle but the shooter goes through the circle and stops outside.

The marble remains where it stopped in the ring and the second player did not get a point. It is the turn of the first player again. 


Here, we have player one knuckling down within the circle where the shooter stopped from image 5. He is about to shoot at the marble closest to his shooter.

By hitting the marble at the appropriate angle and eliminating it from the ring, he can get his shooter closer to the center of the ring against the next shot. 

Here is a video explaining in detail how to play Ringer.

Other Marble Games

Should you be interested, here are some other marble games you might want to check out:


While playing boss-out, the first player shoots at one marble. The second player then tries to hit the marble of the first player. If successful, the second player collects both marbles.

If the marbles don’t hit but are close, the player uses his or her thumb to span them. Spanning refers to when a player places his thumb on a marble and his index finger on the marble of his opponent.

Subsequently, he draws his hand up while bringing both fingers together. If the player is successful, he gets to keep both marbles.

When this attempt fails, the first player is allowed to shoot at either marble on the playing field. 

If any player claims the last marble within the circle, he has to shoot a different marble for the second player to shoot at. 


This name is used to define two different marble games. The first game is miniature golf played with marbles.

The rules are simple here. The players create a miniature course and take turns shooting holes through each hole. The first player to shoot through all nine holes on the course wins. 

The second version of nine holes is played using a bridgeboard.

Players go around in turns shooting marbles through the arches in numerical order and arches shot out of sequence are disqualified.

Successful shots through the right arch allow the shooter to take another round.

The winner is the first player to shoot all marbles through the nine holes in the correct sequence. 


To play bunhole, a foot-wide hole needs to be dug in the middle of the field.

Players are tasked with attempting to shoot a marble as close as possible to the middle of the hole without the marble going in.

Players are eliminated when their marbles fall into the hole till a winner is crowned.

They are also allowed to knock competing marbles into the hole.


With bridgeboard, a board with nine cuts along the edge is placed on its edge to create nine arches.

The following numbers: “6, 2, 3, 1, 5, 8, 7, 9, 4” are written above each arch, with each number linked to an arch.

Players then attempt to shoot through the arches and win the number of arches written above the hole.

Players who miss their shots hand over their marbles to the board owner.


Here, players attempt to shoot marbles into a hole. If both players have their shooters fall into the hole, they have to start over.

If one player’s marble falls into the hole and the other doesn’t, the player with the fallen marble gets 10 points.

In case neither player has their shooters fall into the hole, the first player starts another round by attempting to hit the marble of the second player.

If the marbles hit, he earns another 10 points and a chance to shoot his marble into the hole for 10 points.

If he missed his opponent’s marble, the second player then attempts to hit the first player’s marble for 10 points and a chance to get the marble into the hole for an additional 10 points. 

Whenever a player’s marble goes into the hole, the game restarts with both players going again from the starting line otherwise all shots have to be made from the position where the marble stopped rolling.

The game ends when a player reaches 100 points. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As we round up, here are some frequently asked questions about marbles and marble games.

What is the marble game called?

There are numerous marble games that can be played. Examples of marble games are: Boss-out, Chassis, Poison, Black snake, Newark killer, Off the wall, puggy, Skelly, Dropsies, Bridgeboard, Nine Holes, Bunhole, Ring taw, Cherry pit…

How many marbles are in a set?

The number of marbles in a set depends on the kind of set. When playing ringer, 13 marbles are placed in the set while other kinds of marble games require varying numbers of marbles. 

What is a shooter marble?

A shooter marble refers to the marble used by each player to knock other players out of the circle or into the hole depending on the type of game being played.

How to play marble solitaire

With marble solitaire also known as peg solitaire, the goal is to move a peg over another into a hole.

You get to move your pegs either vertically or horizontally and pegs that are jumped over get removed. Hence, pegs are only removed per move.

The aim of this is to have one peg left on the board when the game is over. 

When were marbles invented?

According to some historians, round stone balls were identified around 2500 BCE near the Mohenjo-Daro in what is known to be Pakistan today.

Marbles have also been referenced in roman poetry like Ovid’s poem “Nux”.

There have been several examples highlighting the presence of marbles throughout human history, each made from different substances ranging from glass to stone or even clay. 

What can you do with marbles?

Marbles can be collected either for nostalgia or for art purposes because of its colorful nature but the major use of marbles is to be used to play all manner of games.  

Shortwave Radio Schedule

By admin / January 20, 2020

Below is a complete list of shortave radio stations and their schedule by state and country.

For a reference list of additional shortwave radio links see the bottom of this resource.

CountryStations WebsiteStations Schedule
AlbanianoneR. Tirana
Radiodifusion Argentina al ExteriorSchedule via WRMI
ChinaChina Radio Int’l
China Radio Int’l
links for sw schedules near bottom
of page listed as target locations
R. Havana CubaR. Havana Cuba
Czech Republic
R. PragueR. Prague via WRMI
Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle
All India Radio
All India Radio
IRRS Relay ServiceIRRS Relay Service
NHK World
NHK World
Radio KuwaitRadio Kuwait
New Zealand
Radio New ZealandRadio New Zealand
Voice of Nigeria

Radio Sultanate of Oman

R. Pakistan
Radio Romania Int’l
Radio Romania Int’l
South Africa
Channel Africa
Channel Africa
South Korea
KBS World Radio
KBS World Radio
R. Exterior de Espana
R. Exterior de Espana
Taiwan R. Int’lTaiwan R. Int’l
Voice of Turkey

Voice of America
Voice of America
RAE Argentina
R. Prague
R. Slovakia Int’l
R. Tirana
R. Ukraine Int’l
United KingdomBBCBBC
Vatican City
Vatican Radio

Trans World Radio
Trans World Radio

Below is a link of many relevant links for a shortwave radio enthusiast.

North American Radio clubs
North American ShortWave Association North America’s oldest shortwave only radio club. Publication: The NASWA Journal.
Miami Valley DX Club All wave DX club. Publication: DX World.
Pacific Northwest, British Columbia DX Club All wave DX club for enthusiasts in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.Publication: PNBCDXC Newsletter.
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts All bands radio club with local meetings in southern Michigan, newsletter, shortwave schedules,Publication: The Great Lakes Monitor.
Mohawk Valley SWL Club DX Camp in Adirondack Mountains, New York, articles and reports, Mexican SWL Conference report, links.
Canadian International DX Club Canada’s national general coverage radio club. Electronic Publication: Messenger.
Ontario DX Association club for radio listeners with useful listing of DX/Media programs and target listing. Publication: Listening In.
DXing.com radio hobbyists site, Glenn Hauser’s Shortwave/DX Report
DX World this website covers all aspects of radio, SPEEDX, ham radio,utility news, daily logbook, interactive pages, lots of links
Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio current website | World of Radio prior website latest World of Radio broadcast schedule, DX Listening Digest. This is also a DXLD Yahoo Group
IntervalSignals.net Interval signals and IDs of external and internal stations, both current and vintage, useful for identifying stations.
Worldwide DX Club DX Club in Germany with Top DX News, HFCC frequency list, SWL/DX media program listing in German and English.
Radioenthusiast website to help radio listeners of every interest get the most out of monitoring, information and reviews on radio-related resource: books, web sites, equipment, discussion forums.
BCLNEWS.IT International broadcaster schedules, report forms in various languages,utility frequency info, loggings, Italian broadcasting info in Italian.
hard-core-dx.com DX news, archives, e-mail list with archive. Latin American DXing from Nordic DX, e-mail addresses from the Internet Guide to International Broadcasters.
Patepluma Radio Don Moore’s website with reports on visits to Latin American stations, photos, maps for DXers.
Young Stars Radio Club A club of shortwave listeners in India, information on shortwave related websites and websites with info on India.
Shortwave Radio Guide Authorized Boots shortwave radio guide and links to shortwave radios for purchase
SWL e-mail list This list covers broadcast Schedules, Latest Heard Reports, Pirate Stations, Utility (Fax, RTTY) Stations, SWL Equipment,Broadcasters, and Anything Else SWL Related. Go to mailman.qth.net and select the SWL list.
FTBasic Radio control CAT control program for the Yaesu FT-897, FT-847, FT-817,FT-100, FT-1000MP Mark V, VR-5000 and FRG-100. The data comes from Prime Time Shortwave.
DRM Information on DRM digital broadcasting. 
Schedule & program information
Shortwave Programs e-mail list This list is designed as a forum for the discussion & exchange of info on programs available viashortwave radio and internet audio. Send a blank e-mail to the link above or alternately go to www.hard-core-dx.com swprogram page
Amateur Radio and SWL Resource Center Sign up for propagation alerts and amateur radio resources.
ADDX English shortwave broadcasts to Europe Useful listing of English shortwave broadcasts to Europe from the ADDX in Germany. Click on the Horfahrplane link and select English.
HFCC High Frequency Co-ordination Conference. Co-ordination of shortwave frequency use.
FCC news releases, U.S. private broadcaster schedules.
World Radio TV Handbook Directory of international broadcasting, WRTH and The Shortwave Guide.
Tim Noonan’s Radio/DX information from Wisconsin good site for the AM, FM & TV information from Wisconsin &surrounding states for the changing radio scene.
DX midAMerica! AM, FM and TV DXing site from Wisconsin
Wisconsin Broadcast page information on AM, FM & TV stations in IL, IA, MI, MN and WI
Upper Midwest Broadcasting A very good information source for broadcasting in the Midwest with state resources and news source information
Other radio services
The Listening Post Original Web-controlled shortwave radio located in Virginia, links to other web-controlled radios around theworld
Radio Reference frequency assignments, trunked radio system information, frequencies, and talk groups, FCC License assignments and maps, 10-Code Lists, agency maps, files, downloads, links, and detailed agency information for most public safety, military, and local government activities
Strong Signals useful website for scanner enthusiasts with news, information, resources to make an informed receiver or accessories purchase.
Radio suppliers and magazines
Universal Radio A good place to buy shortwave radios, books and accessories, Shortwave Receivers Past & Present
The Shortwave Store shortwave radio and electronic products supplier
Radio H.F. shortwave radio, scanners, amateur radio, FRS (family radio), CB radio, antennas, accessories and publications, located inSt. Lambert, Quebec
Telecommunications Timeline The history of telecommunication and the never ending push for progress in telecommunications
DXtreme Software Windows based logging software.
Black Cat Systems A number of useful radio related programs for the Macintosh computer, numbers stations and pirate radio
DX Zone Ham radio, CB radio, SWL and BCL internet guide.
Radio Portal Portal site with search engine especially for amateur radio, DXing, SWLing, Clandestines, Pirate, Satellite, Scanner.
Become a storm spotter from home into about skywarm, identifying storm features, safety tips.
Radio H.F. Internet Newsletter on-line newsletter providing useful information on websites, mostly radio but others too
Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide HAM, DX & SWL topics, many links, useful informational site
Radio Heritage Foundation Sharing the stories of Pacific radio. This website preserves and celebrates radio stations from the Pacific Rim.
Geoclock shareware program showing where it’s day and night, time around theworld, useful for grey line DXing
Time Palette World time software for the Macintosh computer.

Empire State Building Plane Crash vs 9/11

By admin / December 21, 2019
empire state building plane crash

The crash that shook the city but what was the difference between the empire state building plane crash and 9/11?

A terrible tragedy shook the Empire State Building and the people of New York on July 28, 1945 – that too, on a Saturday. During a normal personnel transport mission (where Lieutenant Colonel William F. Smith Jr. piloted a military B-25 bomber from Bedford Army Air Field to Newark Airport), Smith asked for permission to land the plane. However, Smith was advised that there was heavy fog in the area, and that landing the plane would put the buildings in the Manhattan area at risk.

The decision that Smith made next became a permanent part of the Empire State Building’s history. Smith chose to ignore the plane traffic control’s warning, and proceeded to attempt to land the plane anyway. However, he quickly became disoriented due to the heavy fog, and after passing the Chrysler Building, he took a wrong turn. This would be the deadly decision that would lead to the Empire State Building plane crash.

Who was piloting the plane?

Smith was in fact a decorated pilot who had thousands of hours of experience with planes. He had been awarded several medals at this point, and was a combat veteran as well. But, this was not enough to stop him from making the choice that would lead to deaths, and the Empire State Building plane crash on July 28, 1945 during the routine flight to Newark Airport. Even though he was informed that visibility over the Empire State Building would be limited to three miles, this did not stop him from piloting the B-25 Mitchell bomber downwards into the buildings of New York. 

The impact of the Empire State Building plane crash

The crash itself was sudden and caused a massive impact, with a great deal of damage done to the building. The B-25 bomber struck the Empire State Building twenty minutes to 10 PM, between the 78th and 80th floors of the north side of the building. Between these stories, the bomber effectively carved out a massive hole in the offices, destroying the building’s structural integrity. As the B-25 bomber crashed into the building, its parts exploded in various different directions. The Empire State Building wasn’t the only building devastated in the crash – in fact, buildings as far as one block away were damaged as well. One engine was seen flying into a far off building, and it crashed into a penthouse studio. The ensuing smoke and flames entirely destroyed the studio, leaving behind nothing but wreckage. Another engine missed the Empire State Building’s 78th floor entirely, and landed in an elevator shaft, causing a large fire which was put out after a long time. Since the bomber was part of the army and military, it was structurally sound and managed to cause a significant amount of damage when its parts crashed into both the Empire State Building and the surrounding buildings.

Unfortunately, the 86th floor contained a sightseeing observation deck, which at the time was packed with about 60 people. As the B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, 14 people were killed. Two people that were killed were aboard the B-25 bomber (Staff Sergeant Christopher Domitrovich and Albert Perna), and eleven people were killed within the Empire State Building itself. 

What caused the crash to occur?

Looking further into how the crash itself happened, investigators have not been able to establish a solid reason as to why exactly this accident was caused. The leading investigative theory is that Smith saw a river through the heavy clouds on that day, which he thought to be the East River, but it was actually the Hudson River. Smith proceeded to descend to what he presumed was Newark Airport, but it was actually the Empire State Building. Due to the heavy fog, when he realised where he was, it was too late to execute an evasive manoeuvre. Thus, the bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, destroying the 78th and 79th floors. People on the street at the time reported watching the bomber soar through the clouds, narrowly missing the Rockefeller Center, and then disappearing into the heavy fog. July 28, 1945 became a fateful and miserable day for the families of the 14 victims, and multiple others who were injured in the calamity that ensued, even after the bomber had made its mark on the Empire State Building. Several buildings in the city of New York were damaged as well. 25 people also suffered from serious wounds, not counting the 14 casualties from the crash.

The emergency response to the Empire State Building crash was handled well by firefighter response time standards. Minutes after the bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, fire companies were on the scene, and they used the building’s working lifts to extinguish the raging fires. From the streets, people reported seeing a great deal of water flowing down from the hole that the bomber had made in the Empire State Building. Not long after, the firefighters managed to get the flames under control, such that further casualties could be mitigated. In fact, one unlikely hero in this story was a passerby named Donald Maloney. He had been passing by, and he witnessed the accident happen. He made his way into an elevator shaft in order to rescue an unconscious woman – he gave her morphine and rushed her to the hospital, thus saving her life.

What was the aftermath of the incident?

The aftermath of the Empire State Building plane crash has had long-lasting effects on the people of New York City. The Empire State Building was in fact reconstructed such that it could withstand the effect of a similar bomber plane crashing into it again. The damages to the building were very extensive, but the army paid for them as a show of goodwill, and as an apology. Unfortunately, the penthouse studio that was destroyed (belonging to Henry Hering) was not fairly compensated. Although the art that was destroyed was valued at over $100,000, he was offered less than a quarter of that as compensation by the army. Although the loss of life was truly heartbreaking, the Empire State Building was found open for regular business a mere two days after the accident. Luckily, this incident led to a modification in legislature that now allows people to sue the government for this crash and similar accidents. Additionally, the Empire State Building stands tall and proud today, and the July 28, 1945 incident remains the only plane crash-related incident involving the tallest building in New York.

How to Scrape Websites with Python

By admin / June 5, 2018
How to Scrape Websites with Python

Web scraping has made it easier to gather data from the web. With the help of Python you can gather structured data from the internet. For example, if you want to figure out the top 10 most popular scientists, you can use Python to scrape the web and provide data of the most popular ones. We will use this example to continue with the tutorial.

The setup

We will use Python 3 and the virtual environment for this tutorial. You will need to download BeautifulSoup4 and a request package so you can handle all the processes.

Web Requests

The first step in web scraping is to make a request. You will need the request package to do this, it makes it much simpler. You will need to use the “GET” command to request for the URL. Once the command is entered you should have the HTML content of the website in front of you. Once that happens you can use Beautiful Soup. With it you can select and extract. The select method allows you to locate different elements in the document.

With Beautiful Soup you can select the information you want and it will display it for you. You can then search the information from what is in front of you. So for example, if you are looking for popular scientists, with Beautiful Soup you can get a list of them from the website you are looking at. Then you can search specific names from the list. You can use the command “get_names()” and the program can highlight each time the name appears.

Determining the Popularity Score

To get a page list of the name you want, you need to use the command “get_hits_on_name (name).” This will allow you to get the popularity score of each name. With the popularity score, you can sort the names based on which 10 have the highest score.

Web scraping can be tough. Python allows you to do it with a bit of ease but you need to make sure the data is as clean as possible and there are no errors in the process.

Using Pandas to Read Large Excel Files in Python

By admin / June 3, 2018
Using Pandas to Read Large Excel Files in Python

Panda is a wonderful tool to use to analyze data. It can be a bit tough importing data from larger files, especially Microsoft Excel. This tutorial guides you in how you can use Panda for larger excel files to read and analyze data.

You want to start off by downloading the Excel file. Now for large Excel file, your Excel will probably not be able to open the file. Since Excel can only handle files up to 1 million rows at a time. These files would exceed that limit. So you will have to open the file using Panda.

Using Panda

Import the file into Panda. Panda will take some time to read and open the file since it has a lot of data. The time completely depends on your system’s memory. You can then see the number of rows in the dataset along with the name of headers.

You want to make sure that Panda has picked up all the data and there is no missing. You need to read the first header after the number of rows listed. If it starts with “\x” then it means that the values are hexadecimal. If you see extra symbols then it may mean the data is missing because when data is missing the script is thrown off. So pay close attention to the header. When you have ensured that the data is clean you can start the process of analysis.

Analyzing with Panda

If you are familiar with SQL, analyzing shouldn’t be that hard. You can use the same coding as Select, Where, And/OR with the keywords you want to search to make searches easier. You can start your search using keywords along with Panda command and it will provide you the data you need.

To analyze the file, you should already have an idea of the analysis commands on Panda. But Panda is a wonderful tool to analyze data from larger files. It can make the whole process much easier.

JusTalk App for Android – Reviews

By admin / June 3, 2018
JusTalk App for Android

Our rating :

JusTalk is a basic, easy to use video calling application. It is what you can say the vanilla ice cream of video-call applications. It offers you exactly what you need and is rather popular. No thrill or frills, you get what you need.

Getting Started with JusTalk

JusTalk is a hassle-free application. It is ready to use as soon as you install it. You won’t have to fiddle with the setting or anything. Of course like with all video-calling applications, the person you call will also need to have the application.

You can import contacts from your phone and Facebook. It will automatically tell and detect those individuals from your contacts that have the application already installed. When setting up you will be prompted to allow call notifications, be sure to agree to this. Otherwise, when the app is closed you will not get any notification of calls.

Perks of Just Talk

What sets JusTalk apart from the other video-calling apps? JusTalk is more of a family-oriented video calling app. It doesn’t offer too many features but one feature that kids and even adults at a time will have fun with is the doodling options. It allows you to draw on the person you are talking with which makes the call experience a little more fun. It also has a night vision function, so if you find it hard to see the individual at the other end, you can activate it and the app illuminates the video so you have a slightly better view.

Other than that, video quality is decent as it offers a 780p videos. You shouldn’t have much problem with the video quality as long as you have access to the decent internet. The app also has a record option that allows you to record snippets of the video chat.

Our Verdict

JusTalk is a great way for the family to talk to each other. While it doesn’t offer much, it does do a great job of providing some new features like doodle that are entertaining. Think kids having a reason to call and stay on a call with their grandparents. The functionality will keep them entertained on the call as they talk to their grandparents.

Show Me A Map Of My Location – How to With Google Maps

By admin / June 1, 2018
Show Me A Map Of My Location - How to With Google Maps

With Google Maps, finding direction and location has become much easier. You can locate yourself, places you want to go, get directions, and so on. Making it much easier to get from one place to another and identifying locations. The application uses GPS location to locate you on the map. Here is how you can locate yourself on Google Maps.

1. Open Google Maps on a web browser or the application on your mobile devices.

2. Once it has loaded, you will notice a blue dot, shaped like a compass, and should say ‘My Location’. Click on it.

3. The Map should automatically zoom in to your location and show you the address and coordination codes of it.

If you are looking for directions to a place but having trouble locating yourself on the map then when entering the locations, in the starting point tab you can enter, current location. Google will automatically set your current location as the starting point and tell you directions to your end direction.

There are times that the GPS or location may not be exactly correct or take much longer to detect. In those cases, you may need to play around with the settings. Here are some ways location accuracy can be improved.

If you have problems with location detection you can try the following:

  • Refresh the website or application.

  • Make sure you have an internet connection.

  • Make sure that Google has permission to detect your location. Different browsers have different ways to allow for this.

You even have the option to share your location with others. You can check your location history and do many other things with the help of Google Maps.

Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker: Top 4 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

By admin / May 8, 2018
Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Top 4 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

Fitness trackers are no longer just something fitness freaks opt for. Today, you can find an average person with a fitness tracker on. The technology allows them to be on top of their health, monitoring heart rate, sleep, along with other aspects. As the demand for fitness tracker rose so has the variety of fitness trackers in the market. We have selected the top 4 fitness trackers that you should consider keeping feature and price in mind.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

Our rating:

  Cost: $

We believe fitness trackers shouldn’t cost you an arm. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is very reasonably priced and offers features that you would find in the more expensive options. The heart rate and sleep monitor worked splendidly as it automatically tracks your heart rate and your sleep time. It also monitors your daily activity, showcasing data on it from steps taken, distance covered, to calories burned. It also comes with 14 exercise modes so you get a better read from the type of activity you are doing. You can connect it to your phone so you can access calls, SMS, and other notifications on your wrist. At this price point, you won’t find a better fitness tracker.

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Our rating:

  Cost: $$$

The Fitbit Flex 2 isn’t advanced as other Fitbit model but it serves well as a basic fitness tracker that provides you with the readings you would want. The design of the tracker is what will appeal to most, it fits around your wrist like a band which most minimalists would like. The fitness tracker also comes with an app that provides you with a guided coach for your activities. It gives you all the health readings and easily links with your phone and computer. It is completely waterproof and can be used to track swimming too.

Willful Fitness Tracker

Willful Fitness Tracker

Our rating:

  Cost: $

The Willful Fitness Tracker is as good as almost any fitness tracker in the market. It provides you with readings such as the step counter and calories burned while also monitoring your heart rate. It works round the clock, tracking your sleep also. It is very similar to the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker as it connects to your phone also enabling you to access calls, SMS, and all. However, we felt that the interface of the LETSCOM tracker was easier to use, which is why it has a better rating.

Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit

Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit

Our rating:

  Cost: $$$

The Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit has a sleek design that has a rubber based band that fits comfortably on your wrist. You get all the fitness readings from it like distance, steps, heart rate, calories burned, and floors climbed. You can connect it to your phone also so you get quite a lot of functionality on this. It truly is a wonderful fitness tracker, however, it’s price point is why it isn’t at the top of our list.

How to Create Passive Income: 5 Ideas That Actually Work in 2018

By admin / May 6, 2018
How to Create Passive Income 5 Ideas That Actually Work in 2018

Today, it is far easier to make a passive income than ever before, if you truly know how to. Most people aren’t aware that there are numerous different ways they can make an income passively. While some ideas may not lead to an income you can completely survive off, you can make a little extra money without too much an effort. We have 7 ideas that you can use to make a fairly decent passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make some money without putting too much effort. Amazon has an amazing affiliate marketing program that you can sign up for. All you have to do is promote products on Amazon and link them to your blogs or website. If visitors click on the link of the product you post and purchase it within 24 hours, Amazon pays 10% commission of the product sale to you. There isn’t too much backend work you have to do for this type of income.

Author or Blogger

Author or Blogger

One of the wonderful thing about becoming an author is the fact that your income doesn’t stop. You can write a book and if it ends up becoming a best-seller than you can make an income off of it for a long time. You see, the book will continue to sell which means you will continue to get money. It is, however, tough to become a bestseller. So you may have to write more than one book but at least you can write about something that interests you.

You don’t even have to be an actual author that writes books. You can become a blogger. If you establish your name and promote brands on your blogs, you can make quite an earning from it. You just need to work and target a specific niche and if your writing is well-researched and is liked by target audience then you can make an income out of it through affiliate marketing or many other ways.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

There are numerous different ways you can make money off YouTube. Once you create a channel and have a decent following, which is not as hard as most people think, you can make money off ads that play before your video. However, that isn’t the only way, you direct traffic off YouTube to your website, blog, and what not and sell products to them on that. You can also get brands on board to advertise them in your video and make extra money.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

This particular type of passive income has become popular in the past few years. To become a dropshipper, you need to create a website that advertises and sells products. We recommend making a website for a particular niche. You work as a middleman and once a visitor purchases products on your website, you buy the product from the actual manufacturer and have it shipped directly to your customer.

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