Is Paranormal Activity Real?

Throughout history and even today, you hear about people having ghost sightings. How can we tell whether they are actually true? Well, that’s a tough question but many scientists and psychologists have done extensive research to determine whether paranormal activities are real or not.

It’s all in the head

If you ask a psychologist whether or not paranormal activities are real, more likely than not they would just tell you that it is all in the head. They claim that most paranormal activities are easy to explain. The right hemisphere of the brain and if there is the slightest bit of damage or issue with it, it can lead to a certain form of epilepsy which can have an individual visualizing things such as shadowy figures or the sense of someone else being there when there actually is nothing.

While things like out of body experiences are also explained by neurological phenomena. For example, your brain constructs on its own things that don’t completely appear. If you look at yourself in the mirror in a room that is not well lit, the brain will automatically construct the half of the face you can’t properly see. It is sort of an illusion that forms and that tends to happen when you go into dark rooms, especially if you are afraid. The brain constructs images of things that you constantly think of, so it is your head messing with you.

Psychologists feel that it also has a lot to do with your belief system. If you believe in things such as paranormal activity then you are more likely to face such phenomenon because your brain will function to show you what you believe in, it is wired to.

It’s all in the head

While most ghost hunters would disagree with what psychologists have to say about paranormal activity. There is numerous research backing the psychologist's claims. However, we feel that even with all the research there are at times incidents which cannot easily be explained by just study and out of this world experience can occur.

Ghost hunting has become sort of a sport in the past few decades. With the help of technology, you can now easily try to hunt for ghosts and try to explain these phenomenon. However, even with the advanced technology it is rarely conclusive that there is paranormal activity. The hunters rely on heat detecting technology along with cameras to capture these activities and you will rarely see instances where something actually appears. The fact that these are caught on tape also makes you wonder if it is actually real or all staged.

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