How to Jailbreak Fire Stick

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Amazon Fire TV Stick has become the best-selling Android TV set-top box in the past year and the reason being that it is affordable. Likewise, it is relatively easy to jailbreak. There are several ways to jailbreak and install Fire TV Stick without the use of a computer.

However, you have to choose the one that is most convenient for you. While some methods of jailbreak are simple, others can be tricky. In most cases, you may have to download a third-party app, such as Kodi 17 Krypton or Apps2fire. The different methods of jailbreak will work all generations of Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes.  The best possible ways to jailbreak Fire TV Stick are:

  • The use of ES File Explorer, or other e files. 
  • the use of Android Phone with Apps2Fire
  • the use of a Mac or Windows computer
  • third party apps or addons, without the need for a computer such as installing the chromecast app, kodi, a media cube, or roku

Jail-breaking Fire TV Stick without computer

Amazon Fire TV StickThe easiest way to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick is by avoiding the use of a computer. Most people often resort to a computer because they don’t have an Android phone.

Little did they know that not using a PC is the simplest way to jailbreak.

Step #1: Simply turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and then connect it to a Wi-Fi Internet.

Step #2: go to the “settings” option on the fire tv device.

Step #3: Navigate through to “System” and click on it.

Step #4: Once you are on “System” simply scroll down on the device and click on “Developers” options.

Step #5: You need to enable ADB debugging, as well as all other third-party apps.

Step #6: Once you have debugged ADB and other third party apps, you need to return to the “Home” screen of your Fire TV Stick and click on “Search”.

Step #7: simply key in “Downloader” in your search option, and make sure you don’t add any other quotes. Click on “Start” next to the search.

KodiStep #8: You will see a wide range of results and you will see the “Downloaded” app, which is identified by an orange color. Simply download and install this app.

Step #9: Once the app has been installed, simply open it. Once you have installed the app, open it and you will see the user-friendly interface that you can use to complete the jailbreak of Fire TV Stick.

Step #10: Inside the text, simply type the following Kodi URL to download the app:

Step #11: Once downloaded, you will be asked if you want to install “Kodi”. Simply choose the “Install” option and Kodi will be automatically installed on the Fire TV Stick, which also means you have jailbreak on your device.

How to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick with your Android smartphone

If you have Android OS on your smartphone, you should be able to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick. Just like the previous jailbreak method, all you need to do is install Kodi on your smartphone and the jailbreak steps can be completed.  Here are the steps you must follow:

Step #1: Simply connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi Internet that your Fire TV Stick is connected to. Make sure both devices are using the same Wi-Fi connectivity. If not, this procedure simply won’t work.

Google Play StoreStep #2: Open the Google Play Store from your Android smartphone and then click and install apps2fire.

Step #3: You will have to install Kodi on your smartphone also but have in mind that the version of Kodi that will be installed will depend on the version of your Android OS. You may want to install Krypton instead of Kodi. You can find both of them on Google play store.

Step #4: Simply click on the “Settings” of your Fire TV Stick, and then move to “System” and click on it.

Step #5: Simply scroll down from the “Systems” page and then click on “Developers” option.

Step #6: On the developer’s option, simply click and enable “ADB debugging and apps from other sources”.

Step #7: Simply click on “Settings”, then click on “Systems” and then choose “About”.  Make sure you write down the IP address of your Fire TV Stick device.

Step #8: Make sure apps2fire app is already on your smartphone. Open this app and simply put your Fire TV Stick IP address in the settings of the app.

Step #9: Simply swipe to the left of your phone and you will see “Local apps”.  Simply tap on the Kodi icon and the app2fire app will automatically download and install it. You can then check for it by clicking on “Settings”, and then “applications”.

Jailbreaking Fire TV Stick with the use of ES file explorer  and without using a computer

ES file explorerMaking use of the ES File Explorer is another effective option for jailbreaking your Fire TV Stick device without the use of a PC.

This maybe one of the most popular ways of jailbreaking Fire TV Stick but it can also be tricky. You can handle this procedure by following these steps:

Step #1: Turn on the firestick device and make sure it is connected to a wi-fi internet.

Step #2: Simply go to “Settings” on your device and then go to “Systems” and click on it.

Step #3: Scroll down to the systems option and then select “Developers” option.

ADB debugging Step #4: Simply enable the ADB debugging option as well as apps from unknown sources and, once you have done this, simply go to the Fire TV Stick main screen, and click on “Search”.

Step #5: Type in “ES File Explorer” and you will see it from the search results you obtain.

Step #6: select the ES Explorer and simply install it by clicking on “Install button”.

Step #7: Once the ES Explorer has been installed, the install button will simply turn to “Open” button. Simply select the open button and the ES File Explorer will be automatically launched on your Fire TV Stick.

Step #8: From the “Left” menu, simply click on “Favorites” and click on the “Add” button. Here, you will see a pop-up where you need to add the URL of your Kodi download page. Simply select the add button and Kodi will be added to your Fire TV Stick and jailbreak should be complete. Enjoy!

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