How To Open A Locker

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A lot of people often find it annoying when they get to the locker room and get stuck at their locker, especially when they are opening a locker for the first time without any idea of how to do it. With a little practice, opening a locker should get easier. If you become an expert, then you should be able to open at least 99% of all locker types.

Step #1: Opening Your Locker When You Know The Master Lock’s Combination

Opening Your LockerTo open your locker when you know the dial combination, simply spin the dial in the clockwise direction at least 3 times to the right. This will help you clear previous numbers. Also, if you mess up while putting your combination, you can start over.

Step #2: Put In Your Combination

Simply turn the dial of your master lock to the right and then pause at the first number. Make sure you always start unlocking with a turn to your right. For your second number, simply turn the dial to your left and make sure you go pass the zero number and your first number and then pause on your second number.

Keep in mind that some locks can be finicky. If your locker is not opening after putting the first three numbers correctly, then you should try and turn to the left pass the second number in the combination. Do this once and then stop once the net number goes around. For your third number, simply turn your dial to the right and go straight to the last number (make sure you leave the lock on the last number). Keep in mind to turn the dial right, left, and right.

Step #3: Open the locker up

locker uplocker upMake sure you pull the lock open by pulling it out of the hole. If it has a handle, simply pull it or the latch. In case the locker does not open, you can simply try it again and dial 5 before your last number or after the official last combination number.

Often, the older locks may become shaky. Just in case all these options fail, you can simply ask your school teacher or students if there are similar problems in the school locker system. Make sure you try opening the locker at least twice before you inform your teacher or fellow students.

Step #4: Make sure you lock the locker properly after usage

If your locker has an unattached lock, then make sure you lock it before leaving. Make sure the lock is closed and twist it a little. Do not leave your locker on the last number because it will open easily next time someone else tries it.

Step #5: Opening your locker if you don’t know your combination

Opening your locker when you forgot or don’t know your combination can be a difficult issue but you can try some tricks. Apply a little pressure upwards. This means you need to use your fingers by wrapping them around the latch. The locker should pull up a little even though it is locked. While you are still doing this, simply rotate the lock in an anti-clockwise direction until it becomes locked.

Pen and PaperYou will have to apply some little pressure while doing this but keep in mind that the lock wouldn’t break. Once it locks, you must get a pen and a paper and write down the numbers at which it locks. You should try and repeat these steps up to 11 times and 7 of these numbers will be in-between two digits, simply ignore those digits.

As you continue with 5 outliers, one number will not end in the same digit. Then you can make this your third number. It is important that you know where the locks stop at; hence, you need to be diligent when opening the lock.

Step #6: Making use of trial and error

errorsWhen using trial and error to open a locker, especially when you don’t know the combination, you must keep in mind that you will be down to 100 possible combinations.

Secondly, you will spend up to 15 minutes or more on doing this, but keep in mind that your third number should allow you to eliminate the possible first and second numbers. You need to persevere and the lock will eventually open.

Take note of some possible outcomes. For instance, if your third number is 32, 36, 28, 24, 16, 20, 8,0, 4, 2, then your first number will like be one of them (the third number), and your second number will either be 38, 34, 30, 26, 18, 22, 14, 0, 14, 6, or 10.

Similarly, if your third number is an odd number (13, 5, 9, 1, 25, 17, 21, 37, 29, 33 or 25), then your second number will also be an odd number which could be 11, 15, 7, 1, 27, 19, 23, 39, 31, or 35.

You need to ensure that you make use of all possible combinations in order to get the right number combination to open your locker but one thing is certain: You will definitely get the right combination number before you reach the 100th combination! It is important that you also memorize your combinations or write them somewhere and take it with you everywhere you go.

zeroSecondly, do not write your combination numbers in the same location as your locker number. Once you are done getting what you want from your locker, simply close the locker and then turn it into zero. Some locks can be very difficult to handle.

You may have to tug on them harder and lean on the locker a little bit. Sometimes the latch will have to be jiggled a little just to coax it to open. If your locker works different from normal lockers, then you must read directions that come with it.

Sometimes, you just have to hit a number close to the actual number and not the exact number, in order to open your locker. However, if nothing still works, simply ask for help from the appropriate people.

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