3 Best Garden Tractor Reviews

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If you own a garden, then you probably know the importance of buying the right garden implements for cutting grass, spraying, tilling and maintaining it. One such implement is the tractor. When buying a garden tractor, you will need to know the pros and cons of each brand. Maintenance of garden tractors is one of the biggest expense item for garden maintenance. Below we have a review of the best 3 tractors for your garden (farm) in the market today.

Massey Ferguson Prestige Husqvarna YTH1848XP Craftsman 917.276380
Engine 23 horsepower 23 horsepower 26 horsepower
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Deck 54-inches 48-iches 54-iches
Weight 858 pounds 560 pounds 720 pounds
Wheelbase 53-inches 46.5-inches 48-inches
Uncut Circle Diameter 44-inches 46-inches 55-inches
Reverse Mow Yes Yes Yes

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