Where Did Dinosaurs Live?

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Dinosaurs are one of the biggest mysteries of our world. While humans have discovered fossils and built structures of dinosaurs with their help, learning more about them, there is still so much more about the creatures we do not know. There are numerous types of dinosaurs still left to be uncovered which makes questions about dinosaurs very intriguing. One such question is where exactly did dinosaurs live?

To answer this particular question, we have to analyze exactly where fossils of dinosaurs were found. There has been known fossil discovery from every continent of the earth. If we look at the different types of dinosaurs discovered so far, we can see that they were very diverse. So it makes sense that they lived all over the earth. Their fossils have been found in various different terrains such as savannahs, deserts, beaches, swamps, and forests.

Did dinosaurs live in colder environment?

In short, yes, they did. Dinosaurs fossils were discovered in both North America and Antarctica which meant that they once lived in the region. How did they survive such harsh weather conditions like in Antarctica? Well, the world was quite different at the time of dinosaurs. The global temperature and overall environment were a lot different than what we have now and there is a possibility that weather in those regions was warmer. So warm in fact that there are chances that the polar ice caps weren’t there.

You also need to understand the Pangea concept and the continents weren’t as far divided by oceans as they are today. Which would also mean that the temperature in the region was much since the continents were much closer to the equator and in warmer climate poles.

Dinosaurs were also known to travel. They usually traveled in packs and moved from one area to another. It still isn’t clear if they moved from one continent to another but they did travel. There have been discoveries of dinosaur trackways in parts of the world that show that they moved in groups.

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