Interesting Historical Events In the Last Decade That You Didn’t Know About

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From 2007 onwards, we have seen major historical events take place. Be it in the scope of politics, technology, business, and so on the world has transformed in the past decade. While most of these events have made headlines and readers are probably aware of them, we have picked some interesting events that you might not have known about.

2016: Brexit Referendum

Brexit Referendum

The Brexit Referendum held by the United Kingdom can result in a huge change in the European Union. The European Union which consists of 28 countries is a regional power that has helped develop Europe into what it is today. However, in 2016 the UK voted to leave the Union which will impact the Union since the UK along with Germany are the two main power states in the Union.

2016: Diversity in Congress

The US Congress became a little more diverse in 2016 as voters voted four women of color into the Congress. While the number may not jump out at you, it was an increase from one so it is a gradual increase showing that Congress may continue to become more diverse.

2015: Iran’s Nuclear Deal

Negotiations between the US and its allies with Iran over their nuclear program finally resulted in a deal. The P5+1 were working on a deal with Iran but couldn’t get anything done before 2015. Iran agreed to have an inspection done by the IAEA along with other demands to have some sanctions lifted. However, the Trump administration is currently in the process of revoking the deal.

2014: ISIS establishes an Islamic Caliphate

ISIS establishes an Islamic Caliphate

ISIS took a stronghold of parts of both Syria and Iraq in 2014. In the areas controlled by the terrorist group, they declared an Islamic State. In the region, they declared their interpretation of Islamic law and continued their fight against the West and anyone that opposed.

2011: Arab Springs

Beginning in Tunisia, the Arab Spring was a set of protest that led to regime changes in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The spring was the most effective in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt as it led to the overthrowing of the leaders in power for democratic elections.

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