What Does 679 Mean?

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Have you ever wondered what 679 means? A lot of people have heard 679 and wondered what it really is. However, you might be surprised to learn that this centers all around the music world and one song in particular. So, what does actually 679 mean? Read on to find out more and you might be surprised with what you learn.You can also find details about What Does 1738 Mean?

What Does 679 Mean?

679 is the name of a song by the famed American rapper Fetty Wap. However, where does 679 originate? Well, it comes from the rappers birth date. The six month, the seventh day of that month and the year 1990. That is what the 679 stands for, and while most wouldn’t have guessed what it meant, it is quite simple if you know a little about the rapper. The song also featured on the debut album by Fetty Wap and the singer who is a member of the Remy Boyz 1738 rap troupe.

What Does 679 Mean?What Does 679 Mean?What Does 679 Mean?

Big Success

When it comes to the music video of 679, there were over two hundred million views and these viewers have constantly come back for more too. The views of the music has really taken off in recent years and it centers on the rapper singing in a mansion. The video has inspired a lot and there are more and more who are looking at this video even today.

A Top Quality Song

679 is truly one of the top-selling songs of all time and it’s not hard to see why. This is really a very classic song and it’s a wonderful song too. 679 is one of the fastest-selling songs and during the first few days of digital downloads, there were millions who streamed it. In fact, there were over three million copies downloaded of the song and it has jumped up in the charts in recent times too. In 2015, this was a very popular song and was quickly in the top 10 chart as well. It is really still quite popular and in the US, the number of people buying this song reached new heights as well.

Gaining New Heights

However, in recent years, the rapper has seen a lot of success and his songs have really taken off. There are millions of fans worldwide and the lyrics and vocals are incredibly strong. There are now more and more who are away of the rap troupe and love the sounds by Fetty Wap also. You are going to find there are more and more who really love these tunes and it’s not hard to see why.

Embrace the Songs

Whether you were just looking for the meaning of 679 or otherwise, you are going to love the song. This is really a unique tune and something that has really become vastly popular also. There is just so much to come from this song and it’s quite a unique sounding tune as well. Anyone who loves 1738 rap troupe Remy Boyz will adore this song.For more details you can continue reading here http://www.metrolyrics.com/ml-discussions-679-lyrics-fetty-wap/216.html

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