What Does 1738 Mean?

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1738, what does it mean to you? Nothing? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There are many who have heard the phrase 1738, but really aren’t too sure what it all means. So, what does 1738 mean? Read on and find out a little more – you might be surprised.

Where Does The Name Stem From?

In all honesty, the rap troupe was created in New Jersey and the Remy Boyz was named after a 1738 Remy Martin cognac, considered to be one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. If you wanted to know what does 1738 mean, you will find it comes from the finest liquor and that it was the basis of the troupe’s origins too. This is really a big name for most and one that is very easy to understand too. The Remy Boyz is really one of the biggest names in American rap culture right now and they are only going to get better. The rap troupe is a wonderful group.

Example Of 1738

‘Why don’t you pick up 1738 and meet us in the club’? If you weren’t sure what this meant, it really refers to one very expensive drink, liquor, which is supposed to be very costly indeed. 1738 refers to a cognac that is considered to be amongst the most expensive drinks in the world. Now, you might not know too much about this drink and yet it is really one that is highly enjoyed and loved too worldwide. It isn’t hard to see why and yet there are many who really aren’t too sure what’s so special about it. In truth, it’s very delicately crafted and offers so much in terms of quality and style.

What Does 1738 Mean?What Does 1738 Mean?

Remy Boyz

While many will know one meaning of 1738 as being a cognac, there are many who refer 1738 to a rap troupe. The Remy Boyz are one of New Jersey’s biggest rap troupe and have had a great song associated with 1738. In fact, there are many who say the origins of the group and its name was taken from the cognac. That is why when people think about 1738; they often associate it with the rappers as well as the expensive cognac.

Examples of 1738 Meaning

‘You want to get 1738?’ ‘Pick up 1738 and we’ll have a party.’ These are just another two examples of how people might use 1738 and its meaning. Also, you are going to find that more and more are going to refer to 1738 as both the rap troupe and the drink. They can be so often closely associated and something that you are going to often get confused with too. You are just going to love to learn about 1738.

Getting Technical

1738 can really mean a whole host of things depending on the area you’re looking into. For instance, you can look into historical meanings as well as historical events too. This is often forgotten about so while you might want to find out more about 1738 cognac, this may not be relevant. Hopefully, you’ll learn a little more about 1738.You can also read more about What Does 679 Mean?

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