Three Best Foot Baths

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A footbath is the immersion of both feet up to the ankles, or up to the calves in water with a degree of massage units. The feet are immersed in hot water for about 10-30 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees to 115 degrees F/43-46 degrees Celsius.

Going for a footbath or soaking feet in a bath of hot water is an excellent method of drawing blood from the congested or inflamed areas of the body.

Footbaths are beneficial to health in that they comfort and soothe feet with each use.

Footbaths warms the blood, the soul, heals pain and other ailments.

Since everyone loves a healthy and glowing skin, we enjoy and love taking good care of our bodies. Footbaths offer a luxurious and pampering atmosphere that make one feel great about him/herself.

There are varieties of footbaths in the market and to choose the best there are few considerations to be made, for example, the availability of

  • Water jets
  • Heating
  • ​Size
  • Massage Rollers
  • Drainage
  • Budget etc.

The above shall be looked at below in details.

Best Foot Baths

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall

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Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall

This foot bath is the only one with a thermostat, it enables the person using it to set their preferred temperature.

It offers a great and most wonderful leg and foot spa bath massage with the ozone benefits that eliminates pain for swollen and sore feet around the meridian zones located at the bottom of the feet.

The heated water in the footbath reaches the mid-calves area in the huge tub container.

The rolling massage present in the footbath speeds up the oxygen uptake that aids in improving lymph and blood circulation.

Robust Air Bubbles; gives a great massage that everybody would fall for, the herb tin pouch has essential oils that are removable. There’s also one extra mineral container stone.

Two Water jets; these circulate the infrared heated water which makes the feet reflex regions excited. One feels relaxed and soothing on the feet after a long day with controlled water temperature.

Water Drainage; It has a double insulation for safety.

Hot Tub Spa; Offers a wonderful experience that alleviates sore tired toes and feet by the use of its ozone therapy, bubble massage, heated water therapy and rolling massage.

Hot Rolling Massage; they are located at the soles of the feet with the purpose of freeing the feet and calves from soreness and stress.

The Unit; has both hidden cord storage bin and a hidden drainage valve. When the water temperature is at its lower level, the unit automatically increases it, and it understands this from the selections one makes.

It also has casters that aid in an easy movement from one place to another.

Control panel; it has an air bubble or ozone mode, massage mode, temperature setting from low to high, a drainage button that allows the water out and into a bucket ready for disposal and heating capability.

After setting the time, the instructions manual goes straight away into details for this operation. There’s the freedom of selecting the ozone/water how one likes it for the massage spa experience.

Dimensions; 21 by 17 by14 inches and weighs only 17 pounds without water. Made in China and comes with a one year warranty.


Brookstone Aqua-Jet

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Brookstone Aqua-Jet

The Hydro-jets; there exist two powerful hydro-jets that provide comforting and relaxing ankle and foot massage.

Rolling Bumps; these provide a great massage that kneads to the bottom of the feet at around the reflexology regions. The Brookstone massager without haste heats water to 115 degrees F, it will furthermore heat faster when warm water is poured into the massager at the start.

The unit doesn’t vibrate, and the spa will retain the temperature of the water that’s set.

Removable pumice stone; this feature exfoliates dead skin at the heels and footpads.

Jets; they rotate with 2 speeds so that one can have the required amount of velocity they need. The Jets also expels out a stream of water which speeds up the circulation in the feet in order to relax the tired aching feet and muscles.

The purpose of the cover in the spacious extra-large bath is to eliminate water splashing. The footbath fits a size 14 of men’s shoe.

Dimensions; 20 front to back by 14 wide by 9.5 inches deep. At 9.7 pounds only without water. There’s no remote control unit as every control is at the top.


Kendal Leg Spa and Deep Foot Bath Massager

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Kendal Leg Spa and Deep Foot Bath Massager

The footbath provides one with an all in one deep foot and leg with oxygen bubbles, heat, motorized rolling massage and waterfall function which sprays water.

Digital LED Remote Control; the display model FBD2535 is very easy to operate, one can experience a wonderful soothing massage.

The wonderful pedicure stone, herbal diffuser, and drainage filter have a tube that drains out the water.

Massage Rollers; there are two of them, water wave massage is also inclusive.

Deep Tank; allows one to set time for the moment, the deep tank also allows even the calves to be immersed in water, enhancing circulation and improving metabolism which in turn gets rid of the fatigue and a feeling of relief is experienced.

Temperature; this is adjustable from 68- 118 degrees F. When the water is below 42 degrees Celsius, the temperature turns blue light, when it’s above 42 degree Celsius, its red.

Dimensions; 16L by 13.5W by 13.5H inches. Weighs 22 pounds minus the water.



A foot bath is very relaxing, soothing and offers a great experience to the one getting the massage. Footbaths are however not recommended for people who suffer conditions such as insulin-dependent diabetes, buerger’s disease, arteriosclerosis or any other condition that causes poor blood circulation in the feet and legs. A loss of sensation is experienced when circulation is poor.

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