Soap Flakes Dispenser Review

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No one likes germs so the very idea that bar soaps contribute to spread of germs seems to have pushed as all to opting for liquid soap. But this liquid soap are not that great either in efficiency since they are less concentrated and one has often to use a lot of it just to have you hands properly cleaned, this weighs much on cost.

Disadvantages of liquid soap Dispenser

Cost more in terms of:

  • Installation cost- you will have to get someone to help with installation and this has to be an expert and he/she will charge for the services offered.
  • Maintenance- If it breaks down again you have to call an expert to repair since most of the liquid dispensers use high tech like sensors.
  • Electricity bill- Auto liquid dispensers use power and this means it adds up to your bill every month.
  • Tends to be misused- Since most are auto everyone finds it easy to use at the same time people use it like a toy without paying regards to the standards and instruction. Hence you will end up buying more liquid soap every time.
  • Double spending- Regardless whether you have liquid soap dispenser or not you will always buy bar soap for other purposes and if is a place of business some customers still prefer bar soap than liquid soap. For example you check in to a hotel and you find liquid soap you will always have doubts as to whether it is genuine or how long has it been there, compared to be given a bar soap wrapped and you have the pleasure of opening it and even knowing the exact brand.
  • Environmental safety concerns- These liquid dispensers use plastic bottles that are non-reusable meaning you will have to replace the bottles every time you buy a new one.

Thanks to Nathalie Staempfli her invention has really changed the whole misconception about the use of a bar soap and brought excitement back to those of us who really just love using bar soap. She came up with two inventions one is larger and the other a bit smaller, both are really efficient as it works like a cheddar grater, shreds bars of soap into pieces so you can abstain from touching the bar, additionally keep the bar dry. So the bar won’t get gunky.

Two Types of Bar Soap Dispenser

Wall-Mounted Version

Wall-Mounted Soap Flakes Dispenser

Bar soap is significantly less inefficient than the fluid soap, but at the same time it is less hygienic and more slippery bar soap can easily slip away from your hands. Therefor soap flakes are designed soap graters intended to take care of both issues by permitting bar soap to be apportioned onto your hand without touching the bar and at the same time ensures it does not slip off.

This type does administers little soap pieces specifically onto the clients hand with a push movement the gadgets then meshes the soap bar into small tiny, effortlessly washed pieces in the client’s hand guaranteeing no compelling reason to touch the bar to utilize it. This wall mounted version holds the bar without a cover subsequently enabling the fragrance of the soap to sent the restroom.

Portable Version/Hand-Held

soap flakes

This gadgets also grinds the soap bar with the goal that it is in modest, effectively washed pieces in the client’s hand hence client will have no compelling reason to touch the bar to utilize it.

The light esque outline of the hand-held design is particularly striking. It has a level base and stands up tall simply like alternate bottles in your shower likewise it come with a smooth, moderate design.

  • Advantages of Bar Soaps
  • Utilizing bar soap rather than fluid soap is likewise an ecologically well-disposed option
  • ​Bar soap utilizes far less packaging
  • It is regularly sold wrapped in paper or in a cardboard box
  • It is lighter than fluid soap
  • Bars are effortlessly stacked hence making bar soap more temperate and supportable than fluid soap to transport. The more reason we should switch back to bar soap use. But it will all now depend on you which one do you still think suits you.

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