Show Me A Map Of My Location – How to With Google Maps

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With Google Maps, finding direction and location has become much easier. You can locate yourself, places you want to go, get directions, and so on. Making it much easier to get from one place to another and identifying locations. The application uses GPS location to locate you on the map. Here is how you can locate yourself on Google Maps.

1. Open Google Maps on a web browser or the application on your mobile devices.

2. Once it has loaded, you will notice a blue dot, shaped like a compass, and should say ‘My Location’. Click on it.

3. The Map should automatically zoom in to your location and show you the address and coordination codes of it.

If you are looking for directions to a place but having trouble locating yourself on the map then when entering the locations, in the starting point tab you can enter, current location. Google will automatically set your current location as the starting point and tell you directions to your end direction.

There are times that the GPS or location may not be exactly correct or take much longer to detect. In those cases, you may need to play around with the settings. Here are some ways location accuracy can be improved.

If you have problems with location detection you can try the following:

  • Refresh the website or application.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection.
  • Make sure that Google has permission to detect your location. Different browsers have different ways to allow for this.

You even have the option to share your location with others. You can check your location history and do many other things with the help of Google Maps.

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