JusTalk App for Android – Reviews

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JusTalk is a basic, easy to use video calling application. It is what you can say the vanilla ice cream of video-call applications. It offers you exactly what you need and is rather popular. No thrill or frills, you get what you need.

Getting Started with JusTalk

JusTalk is a hassle-free application. It is ready to use as soon as you install it. You won’t have to fiddle with the setting or anything. Of course like with all video-calling applications, the person you call will also need to have the application.

You can import contacts from your phone and Facebook. It will automatically tell and detect those individuals from your contacts that have the application already installed. When setting up you will be prompted to allow call notifications, be sure to agree to this. Otherwise, when the app is closed you will not get any notification of calls.

Perks of Just Talk

What sets JusTalk apart from the other video-calling apps? JusTalk is more of a family-oriented video calling app. It doesn’t offer too many features but one feature that kids and even adults at a time will have fun with is the doodling options. It allows you to draw on the person you are talking with which makes the call experience a little more fun. It also has a night vision function, so if you find it hard to see the individual at the other end, you can activate it and the app illuminates the video so you have a slightly better view.

Other than that, video quality is decent as it offers a 780p videos. You shouldn’t have much problem with the video quality as long as you have access to the decent internet. The app also has a record option that allows you to record snippets of the video chat.

Our Verdict

JusTalk is a great way for the family to talk to each other. While it doesn’t offer much, it does do a great job of providing some new features like doodle that are entertaining. Think kids having a reason to call and stay on a call with their grandparents. The functionality will keep them entertained on the call as they talk to their grandparents.

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