How to configure TCS email in mobile

By admin / May 2, 2017

Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, is an India based global consulting firm that assists businesses with IT solutions and services. TCS is an international company with more than 387,000 professionals from 130 different countries, nearly 35% of whom are women. TCS partners with businesses to offer smart technology plans for every need in every industry from Banking & Finance to Travel & Hospitality. TCS has a trademarked Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) that offers its customers the best processes, skills, and delivery from the best place in the world. TCS makes investments in digital platforms and products that span technology products and both vertical and horizontal platforms and products.

If you work for TCS, you and every other TCS employee will be provided with an Enterprise Resource Planning Service (ERP). The TCS ERP allows employees to manage salary records, timesheets, and HR related services, all through TCS Webmail. TCS Webmail engages employees, posts employee notices, and offers employees a place to with each other. Employees can access their official, personal webmail by visiting the highly secure TCS webmail site.

Accessing your TCS Webmail

Visiting will bring you to the below login page.

How to configure TCS email in mobile

Enter your username and password. You will receive these from your manager.

Now you are ready to access your TCS employee records. If you have questions, you can also access a toll free helpline number for assistance.

Notes on Security

When accessing TCS Webmail from home, always be certain you are working from a secure system. Your TCS Webmail will contain personal and sensitive information about you and you do not want to compromise yourself by using a non-secure system.

When accessing TCS Webmail through your browser, ensure you have the latest version of that program, whether it be Opera or Puffin, or another.

Be sure to have up-to-date antivirus software on your system.

As soon as you notice any suspicious activity, you should run a full boot time scan of your computer.

Access TCS Webmail from your Android device or iPhone

To access TCS Webmail on your iPhone or Android device, you can download their application. You can find and download the Android app in the Play Store. For iPhones, simply visit your app store and look for and download the app.

You could also use the steps below to load the app directly onto any mobile device.

Download TCS Webmail App

  • Open your mobile web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  • Open the TCS Webmail website.
  • Access the ‘Utilities’ section
  • Open the Appmart
  • Resgister for TCS Ultamatix
  • Install TCS Ultamatix on your mobile device

Once you have the app on your mobile device, you are ready to communicate with technical experts 24/7, as well as track your salary, timesheets, performance, appraisals, and projects.

Issues you may encounter using TCS Webmail

Forgotten Password

Everyone forgets their password. It happens. If you forget your TCS Webmail password, it is simple to reset it.

  • Visit the TCS Webmail site
  • Click ‘Forgot Password’
  • Enter your username, date of birth (DOB), hire date, and answer a security question (the one you created when you registered)
  • You will now be able to reset your password

Suspended Account

Your account has been suspended

If you get this message, do not ignore it. The longer it goes unaddressed, the bigger the problem for you. Your account information can be affected. To resolve the issue, simply contact the Global helpdesk. You can contact them through email or by calling them on the helpline number – a list by country is below.

  • Toll Free (US): 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639).
  • Toll Free (India): 1-800-425-4827 / 1-800-CALL-TCS (1-800-255-5827).
  • Toll Free (UK): 0207-2458000

One last point to note, is that you can also access TCS Webmail on your mobile device through Lotus Note. While this generally works, the major downside to this option is that if this method fails you, TCS is not liable for any issues that arise. You are best served using their approved apps.

Best Free Online Disc Personality Tests

By admin / April 20, 2017
Disc Personality Tests

Personality tests are a quick, easy way to learn about ourselves. With DISC tests, you’ll gain personal awareness that will help you interacting with others at work and in every aspect of your life. Understand your communication style to gain insights into how you can become more successful in your interactions with others.

Goal of the DISC model:

  • Immediately improve interpersonal communications
  • Connect with co-workers more effectively
  • Understand what you need to do to be more successful in your interactions with others.

Four main behavioral styles make up the DISC model. Most people are a blend of these four styles, as most people display each style, with some traits more dominant than others. The DISC styles are clear when we view them in the circle diagram shown below.

Each quadrant of the circle describes the typical behavior exhibited by people who show these behavioral traits. The DISC model is not necessarily measuring personality styles as behavioral styles. The four characteristic traits for each behavioral type are dominant, inspiring, supportive, and cautious. These words are simple, easy to remember representations of the traits encompassed within them.

Description of each trait:

  • Dominant: People with both outgoing and task-oriented traits often exhibit dominant and direct behaviors. These people usually focus on results, problem-solving, and the bottom-line.
  • Influence: People with both outgoing and people-oriented traits often exhibit inspiring and interactive behaviors. These people usually focus on interacting with people, having fun, and/or creating excitement.
  • Steadiness: People with both reserved and people-oriented traits often exhibit supportive and steady behaviors. These people usually focus on preserving relationships and on creating or maintaining peace and harmony.
  • Compliance: People with both reserved and task-oriented traits often exhibit cautious and careful behaviors. These people usually focus on facts, rules, and correctness.

This list shows you where the name DISC comes from. Most people do not fall directly into any one category. Dominant people place an emphasis on accomplishing results. They can be blunt and usually gets right to the point. Those falling in the influence category are optimistic, enthusiastic, and open. They can be very persuasive. Calm and sincere people fall into the steadiness category. They do not like to be rushed and are generally very dependable. Independent and competent people fall into the Compliance category. They need details, accuracy and approach tasks with objective reasoning.

To learn more about your approach to tasks and to help you understand your co-workers better, here are some of the best FREE online DISC tests. Regardless of which test you choose, always remember none of the tests will yield helpful information if you do not answer honestly.

One of the websites with very clear and helpful information for rading your results can be found at 123 test.

DISC personality Testing offers an easy to use test with quick results and resources to better understand your results.

The Discovery Report Disc Test gives you the option to answer the question for your work or your personal interactions.

For Managers offers a very easy test to take with a good description of your results.

For another good free option, you can visit Online Personality Tests. The site is bare bones, but the results are helpful and easy to read.

What are Nas-coal removed funds?

By admin / April 17, 2017

NAS COAL is an acronym for National Account Services Court Ordered Action Levy. You may see a NAS-COAL removed funds in your bank account. If you see this withdrawal, this means you have a lien, judgement, garnishment, or other legal order against you, legally allowing your bank to remove funds from your account and give it to whomever has filed the judgement, lien, or garnishment against you.

A judgement is when a collector or creditor has sued you and won over a debt which is outstanding. A judgement will state how much money you owe and is now your legal obligation to pay that debt back to the creditor. Any creditor with a borrower who owes them payment and has defaulted on their payments, can seek a judgement against the borrower. For example, if you defaulted on a loan, credit card, your taxes, or haven’t paid your EZ/Sun Pass or FasTrak bills, those creditors can seek a judgement from the court.

To get a judgement, your creditor must take you to court. If you ignore their notices, the court will rule in favor of your creditor and issue a judgement, indicating NOLO. NOLO is a no-contest plea – you haven’t officially or technically pleaded guilty, yet it is effectively a guilty plea. If you go to court and lose, the court will issue a judgement. In either scenario, that judgement is filed with the court and now public record. Public record means it will appear on your credit report.

To avoid a judgement, you should get in touch with your creditor and attempt to settle the payment with them prior to court action. Some creditors will settle for part of the debt, especially if you don’t have the wages or assets for them to collect the full amount. If they are unwilling to settle for part, and you can find a way to borrow from a friend or relative, this will help you avoid a judgement. If you borrow money, be sure to write an agreement with your friend or family member, so you don’t find yourself back in court with him/her. Whether you settle for all or part of the debt, always get final paperwork from your creditor stating you have satisfactorily paid your debt with them.

Once the judgement has been entered, your wages could be garnished, the creditor can place liens against your owned property, or they can even obtain levies against any of your assets. A levy is court order that could be used to authorize your bank to freeze and seize funds in your account. Levies can also authorize law enforcement to seize and sell your property, giving your creditor the proceeds. While there is a “statute of limitations” on judgements, which is generally 10-20 years, judgements can be renewed in most states. This means you should try to avoid judgements and resolve them as soon as you can.

If you don’t know of any judgements against you, but you see NAS-COAL removed funds in your account, you should appeal to whomever filed for the collection. Your bank will have the order on file. If you do not know of a judgement, request a copy of the order from your bank. A NAS-COAL removed funds is between you and whomever filed the paperwork. Your bank cannot help you, as they are following proper procedure by allowing the transaction. But be aware, banks generally charge fees on NAS-COAL – for paperwork, the levy itself, and if the NAS-COAL debits cause overdrafts on your account. Some of these fees can be substantial, and they can accumulate quickly if you don’t keep up with it. Worst case scenario would be an extended negative bank account causing your bank to file a lawsuit against you for that amount, further escalating your situation.

You may want to seek council with a consumer law attorney if a creditor threatens to garnish your wages or get a judgement against you. These threats can be illegal and it’s in your best interest to know if it is. You also should know your rights when dealing with a debt collector. offers a list of the Top 10 Debt Collection RIghts.
You can also visit the Consumer FInancial Protection Bureau to find more information, tools, and resources to help you with your financial planning.

How to hack a KiK account

By admin / April 16, 2017

Disclaimer: does not endorse or encourage hacking someones KiK account. This information is to help you prevent your account from being hacked.

The Canadian company, Kik Interactive offers an instant messenger software application for your mobile device called Kik Messenger. Kik Messenger, or Kik, allows you to connect with your friends and family through chat. Since you don’t have to attach your Kik account to your phone number, Kik offers you anonymity while it helps you avoid extra data charges and keep your text limits in check. You do still need WiFi to use Kik. With just a username and password, Kik offers you a free account to chat, share pics and videos, and even meet new people.

Kik not only allows its users to chat with their friends, but you can watch videos, play games, listen to music, and check out content on Reddit. Kik also has internal apps to help you meet new people. With Flirt!, you can search for users in your age range to flirt with. Match & Chat is a bit like Tinder – you swipe left or right on other users then chat with your ‘right-swiped’ users who have also right swiped you. Kik is not only for friends to chat with friends – it also allows its partners to share content and talk to users as well as track the results. Developers can even use Kik’s APIs and libraries to distribute and optimize their content.

With over 300 million “Kicksters” (users), no link to a phone number or even a person’s real name, and the opportunity to chat with strangers, Kik can be very concerning to parents, especially parents with young users who are pretending to be older (Kik has a 17+ rating). After the 2016 murder of a 13-year old Virginia girl and many other cases involving Kik and minors, parents are looking for a way to keep tabs on their “Kickster” teens’ conversations.

Kik does not ignore these incidences and cooperates fully with law enforcement to solve these cases. Kik works to stay on top of child exploitation, and has adopted technology to detect exploitative images. They also have joined a global anti-child abuse organization, Virtual Global Taskforce. Any user receiving unwanted, harassing, or abusive messages, should report them to Kik.

If you are concerned about your child’s Kik account, you could block Kik from being accessed by your WiFi. One downside to this is, if your child is savvy, he/she could use a proxy server to get around this option, but you could then block the proxy website from the WiFi. Another option is to ask your phone carrier to block Kik from your child’s mobile device.

One more option is phishing – tricking the user into thinking he/she is getting an email from Kik, which makes him/her ‘log in’ to your site. Once there, the user needs to enter their password, which in turn gives you their log in information. If your child is savvy, and you hope he/she is, to achieve success with this option be sure to make it look professional, as if it came from Kik.
Installing spyware is another way to gain access to a Kik account. Weebly, KikShark, and Kik Hack offer some options of spyware software that hack into a Kik account for you. You only need to know the username of the account you want to hack. With an internet connection, regardless of your system – Android, iOS, a Mac or PC – these tools will work for you. You can also install spyware on an iPhone, but it’s more likely the user will identify it.

What is a Publix Passport

By admin / April 12, 2017

Publix Supermarkets is an employee-owned, American supermarket chain based in Florida and predominantly operated in southeast America. Publix is a private corporation owned entirely by present and past employees and considered one of the largest employee owned company in the world.

There are 1,144 Publix retail locations, cooking schools, corporate offices, distribution center, and manufacturing facilities all of which employ almost 193,000 people. Publix manufacturing facilities produce dairy, deli, bakery, and other food products.

Publix has a number of interesting programs like Aprons. Aprons offers customers in-store demonstrations and recipe cards to walk away with and shop for. Aprons Cooking School is another one of their programs. Cooking classes are geared to any cook wanting to learn new skills as well as wine pairing. There are classes for adults, teens, and children. Enlisting renowned chefs, cooking celebrities, and experienced cooking instructors, the Cooking School helps customers expand on their current cooking repertoire.

Another concept Publix has been slowly rolling out is Publix GreenWise Market. Offering organic and natural items, GreenWise also includes salad and hot bars. After several years with the GreenWise Markets, Publix is now looking to integrate them into the actual stores. Publix Saber stores cater to Hispanics. Employees of these stores are bilingual. There is a wider selection of prepared foods in the deli and bakery catering to Hispanic flavors. These shops also offer open seating cafes.

Publix stores have in-store pharmacies offering free antibiotics to some of its customers. Some have little clinics inside of them. PublixDirect is for online grocery shoppers. Many Publix stores have teamed up with Starbucks, and have in-store Starbucks shops.

Publix Passport service portalWith such a large number of employees, Publix has created a variety of free online resources for its staff to access. Resources like self development, employee benefits, financial resources, career, work resources, apparel and merchandise. One of the more useful employee tools is the Publix Passport, which can be accessed on a computer or with an app on a smartphone.

Designed specifically for employees of the supermarkets, staff can access information related to them.Only available to Publix associates, Publix Passport can access each employee’s account. Staff can manage their paycheck, view personal financial details, and get to their working roster. Publix Passport is a fairly easy portal to access. Employees can download the app from itunes or Google or access the portal from the Publix associate resource site.

Logging into Publix Passport:

  • Visit the official site of Publix employee login portal.
  • To continue with the Publix employee login page, either click the green login button which is below the passport box on the left corner of your page or the one which is present at the top tight section of the website. Both of these links will take you to the identical Publix passport login portal.
  • From the Publix employee login website, enter your username in the specific field.
  • Enter your password which is associated with your Publix Passport login account.
  • Confirm the information you have entered to make sure that they are correct and just click the green login button if you are ready to access your account.

Like many employee portals, Publix Passport gives their employees access to all of their company benefits, schedule, and pay information. Having all of this information at your fingertips is useful for anyone for tax purposes, payment history, and just to know when you’re working next.

How to get to the ACES ETM login

By admin / April 8, 2017
Aces Etm portal

If you are an employee of Aces Limited Brands, you may already be familiar with the Aces Etm portal. The Aces Etm portal offers various benefits to their employees. Employees are welcome to choose which benefit they feel best suits their needs. Whether you want a retirement plan, health benefits, or just performance based compensation, you can find it all by logging into the Aces etm portal.

Limited Brands, or L Brands, is an American fashion retailer with well-known brands like Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel and Bath & Body Works. Aside from operating these large brands, L Brands has the distribution rights to C.O. Bigelow and the White Barn Candle Company. If you are employed by any of these brands, you will have access to the self-service network. If you are not an employee, or resign from your position with one of the L Brands, you will not have any authorization to use the site.

Some of the benefits offered by LImited Brands are health and security benefits. You can choose your benefits. There are pharmacy, vision, dental, and medical plans, discounts, and assistance. L Brands also offers life insurance and a retirement 401k.  Some of the other benefits you will get from working for Limited Brand are tuition reimbursement, legal insurance, parental leave, childcare discount, and a merchandise discount.

Limited Brands offers two forms of payment – direct deposit and pay card. Direct deposit will send you pay directly to the bank account of your choice. Pay card is a physical check you will deposit or cash as you wish. Both methods are acceptable.

An employee can manage his pay, taxes, benefits, and work schedule from the Aces Etm portal. Once you have set up your Aces Etm account and completed the registration form, you are ready to begin using the portal.

Aces Etm Portal lets employees:

  • Check tax details
  • Make employee reports
  • Check pay stubs online
  • View work schedule
  • Manage health benefits and 401K
  • Search for other positions with Limited Brands

There are different portals – one for management, DMs and one for associates/employees.  Regardless of which site you need to access, you’ll need to start by creating an account.

Register as a new user:

  • Enter your SSN or SIN – just the last 6 digits
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter then re-enter your email address
  • Enter your password – passwords should be 8-20 characters, contain letters and characters plus 1 number
  • Read the terms of conditions and submit your form

Once you have created your account, you are ready to access the portal. If you are management, once you put in your id, you will be taken to the scheduling page. If you are a DM, you will also need to input the network id to gain access. For all employees, the steps to access the portal are below.

How to log into the employee portal:

  1. Go to the official Limited Brands Access site
  2. Log-in with your user id found on your pay stub and the password you created
  3. Once you press continue on the prompt screen, your main employee page should come up.
  4. On the left hand side, there is a column with different links you can click to follow.
  5. Click “My Job” from the list
  6. You will need to enter your user id again
  7. Now you can view your schedule

Now that you are using your Aces Etm portal, you should know that Limited Brands has many helpful tools for those times when you forget your password or id. You can phone Limited Brands Store Technology Service (877.415.7911) or there are online tools to reset your password. For any questions, you can always contact HR Direct.


Can you make group calls on Viber?

By admin / April 5, 2017
Can you make group calls on Viber?

If you are unfamiliar with Viber, it is an app that can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer providing you have Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G. With Viber, you can easily and securely send messages and make phone calls to any other person who is also a Viber user. Not only can you place a basic phone call, but you can also make video calls, send video or voice messages, use stickers, and even GIFs. Viber works with most Androids, iOS, and WIndows 10 devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

All messages and calls between Viber users are free, although when using 3G networks, your provider may charge you. Instead of using your regular mobile network, through your internet connection and using the VIber app, you can instead place calls and send messages. With other Viber users, you can send an unlimited number of messages and place any number of calls, regardless of minutes to anywhere, without having to pay network charges. Even calling your friends internationally is possible, as long as they are also a Viber user.

There is also an option, called Viber Out that allows you to get in touch with numbers that do not have VIber. Viber Out allows you to call any phone number, even landlines, without paying exorbitant costs. Viber Out offers competitive rates that are much lower than normal calling plans. With Viber Out, you create a credit or calling plan that gives you the flexibility to place calls to any non-Viber users.


  • Free text, calling, photo messages, and location sharing between Viber users
  • No registration, alias, or invitations required
  • Integrates with your personal contact list
  • Best quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi

Viber not only offers person to person options, but you can also create group chats. With group chats, you can communicate with colleagues or keep in touch with friends and family. You can have a group chat with up to 200 people at one time and you can create an endless number of groups. As group creator or chat admin, you are not the only one who can invite people to the conversation. Any participant you invite can invite others to the group, but only the group admin can add other admins and remove participants. Anyone can remove himself from the group, but only an admin can remove another person from the group. Only an admin can delete a group, unless all of the participants leave the group on their own.

Media galleries can be created to share photos, videos, and doodles with anyone. You can easily share them within your conversation. Even in a group chat, you can share media. Your media gallery displays all of the photos, videos, and doodles that have been sent within your conversations.

Snapshot of Viber Group Chat:

  • Anyone can create a group and there is now a group admin role
  • Only group admins can remove participants and add other admins
  • Each group member can add new participants to the conversation
  • There is no limit to how many groups you can create!
  • Each group can have up to 200 participants, including the group creator
  • You can customize the background of the conversation to fit your mood
  • Now you can personalize conversations with a group icon
  • Media galleries keep all of your shared media – photos, video and doodles – in one place so you don’t have to go scrolling for memories

Group chats let you communicate with multiple people at one time in one window. Unlike using SMS, where you reply to people in separate threads, Viber group chats let you all communicate more clearly and openly on one chat screen.

Viber is a useful tool for placing any type of call or sending any type of message. WIth other options like Viber Out and VIber group chats, it really fits the bill for every one of your communication needs.


How much do YouTubers make?

By admin / April 5, 2017

If you like to watch short videos about just about anything in the world, chances are you’ve found yourself on Youtube. Youtube is a video sharing website created in 2005 and has grown to be one of the most well-known video sharing websites out there. With hundreds of millions of hours of videos, you can find a video on literally everything you can think of. While you can troll around Youtube watching random videos, there are hundred of people and groups who have turned their Youtube videos into a salary-earning business. Youtube is not just an American website. Some of the most well-known people uploading videos with various styles and subjects are from all over the world like Sweden, Germany, and Brazil. Gaining international pseudo-celebrity status, some people have been able to stand out from the crowd with comedy skits, video game play, and even rap battles. WIth millions of subscribers and tens of millions of views, some people have been able to make a career out of posting original video content that entertains people so much they come back to them regularly to view new content and re-view old. Aside from entertaining us, these popular Youtubers are also earning money. Once you have secured an audience for your videos, you can start to enable monetization which allows Youtube to place ads in your video. In order to do this, you need to be certain you have no copyrighted material in your video. Youtube will pay you a small fee for ad clicks and video views.

 You are also well served to get links to your videos anywhere you can. If you have a blog, pimp your videos there. If you can get others to post links to your videos, take advantage of that option. The more places people are exposed to your video, the more clicks your videos get and the better for you. Bringing people to your videos will raise your views, which in turn will earn you more through Youtube’s ad monetization, but this will not be enough to quit your day job, until you start to get millions of subscribers and tens of millions of views. Aside from getting your links out there, you want to place affiliate links when you review a product. Affiliate links bring someone from your page to theirs. For example, if you review tech products, link to the product on Amazon and hope for your subscribers to purchase it from Amazon. Depending on what you are reviewing, you can earn a decent amount of money this way.

 You can also make money on Youtube by simply promoting real products on your site. If you are popular enough, especially in certain demographics, companies will pay you to promote their product. Like a sponsorship, you can form relationships and negotiate contracts with companies you know your audience will be interested in. For these relationships to work, you need to know who is watching you – demographics is very important to get you higher payouts. Sponsorships can pay you per video views, or per click to their site. Another way Youtubers earn money is with public appearances. Whatever your niche, there is a public forum for you. Look for conferences and industry events related to your niche and get paid to be a keynote speaker. Keynote speakers can earn a few thousand dollars. Or get some space at any number of industry events like VidCon or PAX and sell t-shirts promoting your site. You can sell your photos and autograph as well as anything related to your Youtube niche. Depending on how many subscribers you have, some conventions will pay you to make an appearance. The bottom line is you can make money posting videos on Youtube, but it not easy to make a lot of money. Aside from needing a large following, you need to put some serious work into it. Building your fan base is the first step to earning enough money to turn Youtube into a career. After you’ve found your niche, start working on your earning option through Youtube, Amazon, sponsorships and conventions. Just don’t expect to get rich quick, even if you are highly entertaining and unique. But don’t get discouraged either – keep at it and if you love it enough, so will others, and they will eventually be willing to pay you to entertain them.

Top 7 Free Myers Briggs Test Online

By admin / April 4, 2017
Top 7 Free Myers Briggs Test Online

We’ve all gone online to take a personality test, and there are many out there. Most personality tests are based on the Myers-Briggs Personality test, which is an offshoot of Carl Jung’s “Psychological Types” and Katharine Cook Brigg’s research. Briggs developed a typology proposing four temperaments: meditative, spontaneous, executive, and social. After studying Jung extensively, Briggs turned the theory of psychological types to practical use. Briggs daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, continued her mother’s research, eventually taking over.

In 1944, Briggs and Myers published the “Briggs Myers Type Indicator Handbook” believing that a knowledge of personality preferences would help women entering the workforce for the first time during World War II. The indicator would help identify the kind of wartime job that would be most comfortable and effective for women. In 1962, the handbook became the “MBTI Manual”.

The MBTI is a questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and how they make decisions. These preferences help explain our interests, needs, values, and motivation. The way you approach events, information, people, and the world in general is the focus of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Are you an extrovert or introvert? Do you use logic or do you make decisions based on the people and circumstances? Do you focus on information or do you interpret using your intuition? Do you judge or perceive your options?

More specifically, your personality type is based on five traits:

  • Openness to experience is your intellectual curiosity – are you inventive and curious or are your more consistent and cautious?
  • If you have high conscientiousness, your friends might think you are stubborn, whereas you are really efficient, organized and dependable. Low conscientiousness is generally seen as unreliable or messy, when you are really easy-going, flexible and spontaneous.
  • Extraversion speaks to your assertiveness or reflective nature. Are you an attention seeker or more reserved and solitary?
  • Agreeableness is compassion vs. detachment. Highly agreeable people can be seen as submissive, naive, or overly friendly whereas low agreeableness is viewed as challenging, suspicious, or competitive.
  • Neuroticism is your confidence or emotional stability. Are you sensitive and nervous or secure and confident? .

After determining your responses to those five traits, you will know your personality type. Knowing the different preferences can help you understand yourself and others. No one personality type is better than another and knowing your type helps you understand why you approach situations the way you do. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has inspired many personality tests as we have a strong need to understand ourselves and help us make decisions.

There are so many personality quizzes and tests online – some short and fun, and some based on actual psychological research. So whether you want to learn where to vacation based on your tv viewing, find out which ‘Game of Thrones’ royal you are, or dig even deeper, there is a quiz for you. Here are the top 7 free online tests based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and actual psychology:

  • offers another assessment designed to help you better understand how you relate to others and how you can benefit from this knowledge in everyday life.
  • At, you can take a test based on Jung’s personality theory. The results will include a description of which category you belong to of the 16 personality types found in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • My Personality Test is another free personality test based on Carl Jung’s and Myer-Briggs’ research. It will help you learn about your strengths and discover how you can achieve fulfillment in your professional and romantic life.
  • incorporates updated advances in psychometric research to help you understand others and build meaningful connections. Get an accurate description of who you are and why you do the things the way you do.
  • To understand your communication and learning styles, try this Personality Test. Also based on Jung’s theory and the Myers-Briggs personality types, you can learn the strengths of your preferences and the description of your personality type. This test even shows you the famous people who share your type.
  • Personality Perfect offers another version of the Myer-Briggs test to help you discover what really drives you. Based on your personality type, this site provides personality hacks to help you approach life more harmoniously.
  • This psychology test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. With this version, you can not only learn about your personality type, you can compare yourself to someone you know and get an even deeper understanding of you.

Taking personality quizzes can be a fun way to help us find empathy for others as we learn how we approach life and how differently people approach the world. Any insight into ourselves that helps us connect to the world in a more compassionate way is a worthwhile use of our time.

What is a palanca letter and how do you write one?

By admin / April 3, 2017
palanca letter

Palanca is the spanish word for lever or influence. A palanca letter is written to lift up, support, and encourage a friend or family member. Usually given while on a religious retreat or mission, palanca letters can also be sent to someone in prison. Whoever the recipient, they are incredibly emotional and uplifting for both the recipient and writer. Palanca letters are not terribly lengthy and are always spiritually uplifting.

Palanca letters are written by one person to another and the writer does not always know the recipient. You would never write a palanca letter to a group, even if they are on the same retreat. Your palanca letter can be addressed to the individual by name or it could be addressed according to the specific event. If you are writing a palanca letter to a fellow parishioner who is on a retreat, you can address your letter “Dear Christian Brother”. The writer never signs his full name, nor does he/she give an address or way of contact.

Why write a Palanca letter

  • Epress the effort, service, prayer, concern, and care shown by the recipient
  • Tell how the recipient brought love and joy to you, his/her family, friends, and others
  • Offer encouragement and guidance
  • Spiritual uplift with reassurances of God’s love
  • Include appropriate words of wisdom

Palanca letters can be written to anyone in need of encouragement or spiritual lifting. A parishioner on a religious retreat could receive a palanca from fellow parishioners offering prayers and encouragement for a blessed journey. You could write a palanca to someone in prison as a way of lifting them up in the spirit of the Lord. Most letters include reassurances of God’s love and offers of prayers from the writer. Generally religious, a palanca is spiritual in nature.

Many recipients hold onto their palanca letters forever, referring back to them in times of discouragement or anxiety. Even though you are writing to a person today supporting your recipient’s current journey, your words may be as important or even more so at future points in their life. While writing the letter, you should keep in mind how impactful and helpful your words can be to someone at a low point in their life.

How to write a palanca

  • Write recipient’ name
  • Include a salutation, which could be “Dear Christian Brother”
  • Write why the recipient is valuable and deserves your support
  • Explain how he/she exhibits goodness
  • Offer a gift of prayer or saying a rosary
  • Sign only your first name, never include an address or way to contact you

A palanca letter can include a small, inexpensive gift. It is not a requirement to include a gift, however you could include a bible verse bookmark, or prayer card with your letter. An expensive gift would be inappropriate to include in your letter. More appropriate gifts would be to pray or say a rosary for the recipient or make a sacrifice in their honor, like giving up sweets or read a particular bible verse.

Don’t forget These in Your Palanca Letter

  • Your letter should be short in length
  • You can include a scripture in your letter
  • You could give the recipient a small gift like bible verse bookmark
  • ONLY address your letter to one recipient
  • Do NOT include your last name, phone number, or address
  • You do not have to know your recipient
  • A palanca is a blessing to both the recipient and the sender
  • Many people hold onto palanca letters for years

Your goal in sending a palanca letter is to remind the recipient that God’s love for him/her is so great, a stranger has been moved to express that to him/her. You want to comfort and lift the spirits of the recipient. Life’s journey can be scary, and simple efforts like an encouraging letter from anyone, can have an enormous, positive effect on someone’s life.

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