What Headphones Does Makiplier Use?

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If you have no idea who Makplier is then here is a brief intro to the guy. His real name is Mark Edward Fischbach presently known as Markiplier original home is Hawai. He initially began his profession distributing playthroughs of the computer game Amnesia and the Dark Descent. He has since picked up a notoriety for playing through other repulsiveness computer games, for example, SCP – Containment Breach and Five nights At Freddy’s. As of now, Markiplier lives in Los Angeles U.S. Markiplier is the biggest names on YouTube. His channel has more than 6 billion aggregate views and 16 million endorsers. He is best known for his let’s play videos recordings where he archives a playthrough of a computer game including commentary and critique.

Type of Headphones Makiplier Uses

Sennheiser 558 are the headphones that Makiplier uses, you probably wondering why such old brand. Well this type of headphones are still one of the best in the market today and to prove this to you I will highlight some of the great features of the headphones.


When you open the box you will find:-

  • One HD 558
  • One 3.5 mm adapter

Sennheiser 558 OneSEE ON AMAZON

  • Encompass reflector for amplified spatial sound field
  • Lightweight aluminum voice loops for high effectiveness and superb elements
  • ​Carefully layered honeycomb complete on ear cup housings
  • To a great degree offers comfortable velour ear cushions and headband. If you now you are the type of a person who could sit for long hours just gaming then comfort is a priority and this headphones offers you just that.
  • ​Magnificent availability, additionally with home Hifi hardware
  • ​2-year guarantee
  • Top of the line open circumaural headphones with E.A.R. innovation for remarkable bass and vocal projection
  • Sennheiser’s creative “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” (E.A.R.) outline channels sound flags specifically into your ears
  • ​Best in class progressed Duofol diaphragms for straightforwardness and insignificant contortion
  • Exceptionally streamlined, field-fortified neodymium ferrous magnet systems for an incredible dynamic response.

Why Use Sennheiser Headphones

    • Offers quite environment for mixing:- sennheiser offer better sound isolation since they are fitted with Sennheiser’s high tech E.A.R. innovation which guarantees exact directing of sound signals into your ears, and also refined Duofol diaphragms which diminishes undesirable resonances to an outright least.
    • Lower budget: – studio headphones are very essential and also it will be better if you can get one at a better price then will be good for you. Sennheiser headphones are budget friendly. 
    • Offers great comfort: – what you get with HD558 is comfortable padding, comes with a skin-stroking velour ear-pads and a headband pad which gives exceptional wearing solace, notwithstanding for long listening sessions. All this ensures you get neutral sounds and clarity therefore making it possible for you to listen for long hours without having to be affected with fatigue. Also they are much light and you won’t feel any discomfort while using this headphones.
    • They are durable:- when considering the budget you will also want something that will last much longer and serve you well Sennheiser headphones gives you all that.
    • Long cable: – this headphones do come with a a very long cable which serves well at home or studio and more especially if you have cable extension cord.

Setbacks of Sennheiser 558

Setbacks of Sennheiser 558

They don’t have a couple elements that great gaming earphones require such as:


  • No encompass sound 7.1: – having an encompass sound headphones can possibly give you a strategically favorable position as you can get to the gameplay’s encompass sound data sources and hear sound signals from behind you
  • No mouthpiece: – The absence of mouthpiece means you should buy an outside microphone on the off chance that you really needed to talk to any of your teammates amid gameplay.
  • Not wireless: – Having wireless headphones totally eliminates the likelihood of hauling out your headphones, running over the link, or having the cable wind up noticeably tangled. It likewise gives you the capacity to move around the room without having to expel your headphones or mic.

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