How to get to the ACES ETM login

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If you are an employee of Aces Limited Brands, you may already be familiar with the Aces Etm portal. The Aces Etm portal offers various benefits to their employees. Employees are welcome to choose which benefit they feel best suits their needs. Whether you want a retirement plan, health benefits, or just performance based compensation, you can find it all by logging into the Aces etm portal.

Limited Brands, or L Brands, is an American fashion retailer with well-known brands like Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel and Bath & Body Works. Aside from operating these large brands, L Brands has the distribution rights to C.O. Bigelow and the White Barn Candle Company. If you are employed by any of these brands, you will have access to the self-service network. If you are not an employee, or resign from your position with one of the L Brands, you will not have any authorization to use the site.

Some of the benefits offered by LImited Brands are health and security benefits. You can choose your benefits. There are pharmacy, vision, dental, and medical plans, discounts, and assistance. L Brands also offers life insurance and a retirement 401k.  Some of the other benefits you will get from working for Limited Brand are tuition reimbursement, legal insurance, parental leave, childcare discount, and a merchandise discount.

Limited Brands offers two forms of payment – direct deposit and pay card. Direct deposit will send you pay directly to the bank account of your choice. Pay card is a physical check you will deposit or cash as you wish. Both methods are acceptable.

An employee can manage his pay, taxes, benefits, and work schedule from the Aces Etm portal. Once you have set up your Aces Etm account and completed the registration form, you are ready to begin using the portal.

Aces Etm Portal lets employees:

  • Check tax details
  • Make employee reports
  • Check pay stubs online
  • View work schedule
  • Manage health benefits and 401K
  • Search for other positions with Limited Brands

There are different portals – one for management, DMs and one for associates/employees.  Regardless of which site you need to access, you’ll need to start by creating an account.

Register as a new user:

  • Enter your SSN or SIN – just the last 6 digits
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter then re-enter your email address
  • Enter your password – passwords should be 8-20 characters, contain letters and characters plus 1 number
  • Read the terms of conditions and submit your form

Once you have created your account, you are ready to access the portal. If you are management, once you put in your id, you will be taken to the scheduling page. If you are a DM, you will also need to input the network id to gain access. For all employees, the steps to access the portal are below.

How to log into the employee portal:

  1. Go to the official Limited Brands Access site
  2. Log-in with your user id found on your pay stub and the password you created
  3. Once you press continue on the prompt screen, your main employee page should come up.
  4. On the left hand side, there is a column with different links you can click to follow.
  5. Click “My Job” from the list
  6. You will need to enter your user id again
  7. Now you can view your schedule

Now that you are using your Aces Etm portal, you should know that Limited Brands has many helpful tools for those times when you forget your password or id. You can phone Limited Brands Store Technology Service (877.415.7911) or there are online tools to reset your password. For any questions, you can always contact HR Direct.


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