Can you make group calls on Viber?

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If you are unfamiliar with Viber, it is an app that can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer providing you have Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G. With Viber, you can easily and securely send messages and make phone calls to any other person who is also a Viber user. Not only can you place a basic phone call, but you can also make video calls, send video or voice messages, use stickers, and even GIFs. Viber works with most Androids, iOS, and WIndows 10 devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

All messages and calls between Viber users are free, although when using 3G networks, your provider may charge you. Instead of using your regular mobile network, through your internet connection and using the VIber app, you can instead place calls and send messages. With other Viber users, you can send an unlimited number of messages and place any number of calls, regardless of minutes to anywhere, without having to pay network charges. Even calling your friends internationally is possible, as long as they are also a Viber user.

There is also an option, called Viber Out that allows you to get in touch with numbers that do not have VIber. Viber Out allows you to call any phone number, even landlines, without paying exorbitant costs. Viber Out offers competitive rates that are much lower than normal calling plans. With Viber Out, you create a credit or calling plan that gives you the flexibility to place calls to any non-Viber users.


  • Free text, calling, photo messages, and location sharing between Viber users
  • No registration, alias, or invitations required
  • Integrates with your personal contact list
  • Best quality mobile calls using 3G or Wi-Fi

Viber not only offers person to person options, but you can also create group chats. With group chats, you can communicate with colleagues or keep in touch with friends and family. You can have a group chat with up to 200 people at one time and you can create an endless number of groups. As group creator or chat admin, you are not the only one who can invite people to the conversation. Any participant you invite can invite others to the group, but only the group admin can add other admins and remove participants. Anyone can remove himself from the group, but only an admin can remove another person from the group. Only an admin can delete a group, unless all of the participants leave the group on their own.

Media galleries can be created to share photos, videos, and doodles with anyone. You can easily share them within your conversation. Even in a group chat, you can share media. Your media gallery displays all of the photos, videos, and doodles that have been sent within your conversations.

Snapshot of Viber Group Chat:

  • Anyone can create a group and there is now a group admin role
  • Only group admins can remove participants and add other admins
  • Each group member can add new participants to the conversation
  • There is no limit to how many groups you can create!
  • Each group can have up to 200 participants, including the group creator
  • You can customize the background of the conversation to fit your mood
  • Now you can personalize conversations with a group icon
  • Media galleries keep all of your shared media – photos, video and doodles – in one place so you don’t have to go scrolling for memories

Group chats let you communicate with multiple people at one time in one window. Unlike using SMS, where you reply to people in separate threads, Viber group chats let you all communicate more clearly and openly on one chat screen.

Viber is a useful tool for placing any type of call or sending any type of message. WIth other options like Viber Out and VIber group chats, it really fits the bill for every one of your communication needs.


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