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It is very difficult with regard to providing care at home, so choosing the right home care bed is essential for both the caregiver and the patient. The beds range from full manual which is a cheaper alternative to semi-automatic adjustable to full electric bed which is more expensive but offers excellent services due to its advanced features. The list below will list some of the best home care beds that are out there for home patient.

Home Care Beds to Consider

1. Medline Bariatric Full Electric Bed

Medline Bariatric Full Electric Bed

Have a feature-length remote button that makes it easily accessible, it is specially designed for heavy and large patients as it can withstand a weight up to 600 lb also comes with a flexible wheel that allows easy location of the bed.


  • Weight Capacity 600Ibs – it can carry both lightweight and heavy persons.
  • 203cm-107cm extra-large deck
  • Hand control – for optimal positioning as you can maneuver the bed in several positions. This feature makes it easier for the patient to set the bed at the position he/she feels comfortable.


2. Med-Mizer Low RetractaBed

Med-Mizer Low RetractaBed

Med-Mizer RetractaBed comes with a base, operative lock, head and steps and is adjustable in height. With the push of a button you can push the contoured knee sections automatically and back. It also provides more surface for blood circulation and provides extra patient comfort.

Just buy a push of a button, sections of the head and knee sections will create a comfortable 12 to 15 degree knee rest with a combination of other functions can allow the patient to look up for the Dinner or watch TV while still lying on the bed.

Features and Specifications

  • Functional lockouts
  • Unmarked wall bumpers that are soft
  • Extended retractable surface
  • ​The length of the extended bed – 85
  • ​Maximum working load – 450 lbs – This bed is for mid weight persons it cannot carry anyone who is heavier than 450 Ibs.
  • ​Platform height (top position) -25

What are Pros of Med-Mizer Low RrtractaBed

  • The stand-up storage function
  • Retractable sleeping area with automatic contour function – increases comfort and makes controls much easier too.
  • Function interlocks prevent patient interference – this is for safety of the patient.
  • Soft, non-marking bumper wall
  • One-step locking system – this feature ensures that the bed stays still at one position even if the ground is uneven so as to keep the patient safe.


3. Drive 750 lbs. Bariatric Full-Electric bed by Drive Medical

Drive 750 lbs. Bariatric Full-Electric bed by Drive Medical

It is undoubtedly made for heavy duty handling due to its strong frames layout, it ensures that the patient safety always is guaranteed, since it is constructed of steel materials the bed is strong enough to carry overweight persons.


  • It has safety rails – helps in movement as you will not have to carry the bed, instead you will just push it this makes work of the caregiver easier.
  • Quiet, smooth operation – it does not produce any noise, hence increasing comfort while sleeping.
  • Weight limit of 750 – this bed is for heavy duty, specifically made to carry much heavier persons.
  • ​It consists of several layers from 2.5 lbs to 4 lbs.
  • ​Height control bed, feet and head
  • ​Emergency crank
  • Unitek bariatric foam mattress made off nylon 11 top cover
  • ​Steel construction – the steel increases the strength of the bed to handle heavier persons.
  • Density foam for pressure relief and support


4. Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed by Drive Medical

Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed by Drive Medical

This bed is not designed for a particular place, which means that you can use at home for home care and the bed itself is extremely light and easy to configure. The engine/motor can be installed and removed while the patient remains in bed, another very surprising feature is that the engine is extremely quiet and the unit comes with a reservation for the sudden lack of energy.

Features & Specifications

  • 9V battery –it allows the patient to adjust the bed up to nine times in the event there is no power
  • A silent engine/motor – means the patient will enjoy his/her rest without interruptions
  • ​Weight Capacity – 450 lbs.
  • Width – 36 inches
  • Product Weight – 160 lbs.
  • ​Bed height – maximum height 22 inches and 16 inches minimum height

Pros of Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed by Drive Medical

  • The bed is lightweight
  • Sustainable and long lasting head and foot panels
  • Silent engine/motor
  • 9V battery backup – great feature for ensuring functionality does not stop if there is no power.
  • Improved hand pendant makes its user-friendly controls for the patient. The controls have been customized for easy usage of the patient.


5. Elite Riser Hi-Lo Safety Bed By NOA Medical

Elite Riser Hi-Lo Safety Bed By NOA Medical

The Elite riser bed is fully adjustable from any height or position and locks in various positions. The low height reduces the risk of injury from fall, while its high level ensures the caregiver gets easy accessibility, and the operation of the bed up and down without horizontal movement, prevents wall scratches during use.


  • Deck length 84 inches
  • 600ibs limit weight
  • ​Width 84

Pros of Elite Riser Hi-Lo Safety Bed by NOA Medical

  • Self-leveling – a built-in sensor control panel communicates with the actuators to maintain the bed level at all times.
  • Safety Lock – This ensures that the caregiver can easily lock the bed, therefore increasing patient safety
  • The elite is lighter than most high / low beds


All the mentioned beds are good for home care, what will determine the type of bed you choose is the patient’s condition such as weight or injury. Also, depending on your budget you will have to choose what is affordable and convenient for you. The more advanced the bed, the more one will be asked to pay for it and more the comfort for the patient and the caregiver.

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