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Personality tests are a quick, easy way to learn about ourselves. With DISC tests, you’ll gain personal awareness that will help you interacting with others at work and in every aspect of your life. Understand your communication style to gain insights into how you can become more successful in your interactions with others.

Goal of the DISC model:

  • Immediately improve interpersonal communications
  • Connect with co-workers more effectively
  • Understand what you need to do to be more successful in your interactions with others.

Four main behavioral styles make up the DISC model. Most people are a blend of these four styles, as most people display each style, with some traits more dominant than others. The DISC styles are clear when we view them in the circle diagram shown below.

Each quadrant of the circle describes the typical behavior exhibited by people who show these behavioral traits. The DISC model is not necessarily measuring personality styles as behavioral styles. The four characteristic traits for each behavioral type are dominant, inspiring, supportive, and cautious. These words are simple, easy to remember representations of the traits encompassed within them.

Description of each trait:

  • Dominant: People with both outgoing and task-oriented traits often exhibit dominant and direct behaviors. These people usually focus on results, problem-solving, and the bottom-line.
  • Influence: People with both outgoing and people-oriented traits often exhibit inspiring and interactive behaviors. These people usually focus on interacting with people, having fun, and/or creating excitement.
  • Steadiness: People with both reserved and people-oriented traits often exhibit supportive and steady behaviors. These people usually focus on preserving relationships and on creating or maintaining peace and harmony.
  • Compliance: People with both reserved and task-oriented traits often exhibit cautious and careful behaviors. These people usually focus on facts, rules, and correctness.

This list shows you where the name DISC comes from. Most people do not fall directly into any one category. Dominant people place an emphasis on accomplishing results. They can be blunt and usually gets right to the point. Those falling in the influence category are optimistic, enthusiastic, and open. They can be very persuasive. Calm and sincere people fall into the steadiness category. They do not like to be rushed and are generally very dependable. Independent and competent people fall into the Compliance category. They need details, accuracy and approach tasks with objective reasoning.

To learn more about your approach to tasks and to help you understand your co-workers better, here are some of the best FREE online DISC tests. Regardless of which test you choose, always remember none of the tests will yield helpful information if you do not answer honestly.

One of the websites with very clear and helpful information for rading your results can be found at 123 test.

DISC personality Testing offers an easy to use test with quick results and resources to better understand your results.

The Discovery Report Disc Test gives you the option to answer the question for your work or your personal interactions.

For Managers offers a very easy test to take with a good description of your results.

For another good free option, you can visit Online Personality Tests. The site is bare bones, but the results are helpful and easy to read.

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