What Does a Green Heart Mean

What does a green heart mean? This is a question that has been asked by many people, and the answer is not entirely straightforward. The emoji was first introduced in 2010, and it had a different meaning at that time. 

Since then, the emoji has taken on several different meanings. In this article, we will explore what the green heart means in various contexts. We will also discuss the origins of this emoji and some of the alternate meanings that it has acquired over time.

So, what does it mean? No, it has no environmental associations. Though it may be used to convey your affection for the planet, it is frequently misunderstood to represent only that meaning but also as a green heart emoji for juniors who are acquaintances, volunteers, or friends.

Green Heart Emoji: Origins

Green Heart
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The Green Heart emoji was created under Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and is still in use today. The emoji has the shape of a heart in various shades of green on all platforms. A black outline appears on the Microsoft version of the emoji. 

Green can represent a variety of things, including jealousy (green with envy), environmentalism (green jobs), and everything Irish (green is on the national flag of Ireland). Green Heart is frequently used to convey these meanings.

Different Meanings of the Emoji

We know that one thing can have separate meanings. Let’s check out what this emoji has to say.

1. Platonic Love Feelings

The subdued-colored heart emoji is a milder variation of the traditional red one. It’s typically used to convey a platonic love for a friend or acquaintance. Try including this green heart in an uplifting note to a buddy to let him know, “I’m concerned about you.”

2. Environmental Love

The green color of nature is typically associated with the color green, making this colored heart emoji the ideal method to express your affection for the planet! When someone discusses the nature of the need to be ecologically responsible, a green heart emoji will most likely appear.

3. Gratitude

When someone is grateful for anything, this colored heart symbol may show up. They could be talking about nature, friends, or a loved one. Add a green heart emoji to your message when you want to express “thank you.”

4. Jealousy

Have you ever heard the saying, “green with envy?” If someone is jealous or envious of anything or someone, they may utilize a green heart emoji in their message. This is a fun way to express one’s dissatisfaction with something. Consider using this heart icon when expressing one’s jealousy over someone’s fashion sense or FOMO (fear of missing out).

5. Something That’s Green

If someone likes the color green, this colored heart emoji may appear in their social media bios and captions. You can use the green one to express delight at anything that is green in nature, or you may switch out the red one with its green sibling to convey “I love you” in your favorite hue.

6. Irish Culture

Because of the country’s lush vegetation and green-centric festivals, Ireland is frequently connected with the color green. Use this colored heart emoji to express your thoughts on anything Irish when accompanied by a clover leaf or the flag of Ireland.

7. K-Pop

Fans of the Korean boy band NCT will frequently use a green heart emoji when talking about the band’s members and songs on Twitter. When discussing NCT, fans often utilize a green heart emoji. If you’re a K-pop lover, consider including a green heart symbol in your next fan club message.


In conclusion, we learned what the green heart emoji means and explore its origins. We also discovered some of the different meanings that this emoji has acquired over time.

Whether you’re using it to express platonic love, gratitude, or jealousy, the green heart emoji is a versatile way to add some color to your messages.

Furthermore, the green heart emoji is a great way to show your Irish pride or support for eco-friendly initiatives. And if you’re a fan of NCT, don’t forget to add a green heart emoji to your next tweet!

Plus, if you love the color green, this emoji is perfect for you. So go ahead and start adding green hearts to all your texts!

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