Endangers species list of PA

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Endangered Species of PA

Quite a number of species of Birds, Reptiles, amphibians and Fish species are going into extinction in PA and greater efforts are needed more than before to save these animals. Some of the most endangered species of PA are;

  • Northern Book Lamprey (Ichthyomyzon fossor)- this is a special species of jawless fish that are non- parasitic in nature. Adults can measure between 8.6 and 16.6cm in body length and are mostly found in lakes.

  • Shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum)- This is a small fish native to North America. They are primitive bony fishes with body surface comprising of five rows of bony plates. They are mostly found in rivers and estuaries.

  • Lake Sturgeon-(Acipenser fulvescens)- also known as rock sturgeon, is a temperate fresh water fish that can live inside water depths of between 15 and 30 feet.

  • Atlantic Sturgeon- This is one of the oldest fish species in the world, and they feed primarily on crustaceans, Mollusks and worms. They can grow up to 14 feet in body length.

  • The Spotted gar (Lepisosteus oculatus)- This is another primitive fresh water fish species that possess spits on their entire bodies ( including fins ) and these spots make them look darker than other gar species.

  • Bug turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii)- The bug turtles are large turtles known for their ability to swim fast in water and also live on the land. They are primitive species of turtles that have lived for millenniums.

  • New Jersey Chorus Frog (Pseudacris triseriata kalmi)- they grow till 0.75-1.5 inches in length , and they are predominantly found in woodland areas. They are small tree frog with dark stripes on their backs.

  • Coastal plain leopard frog(Rana Sphenocephala) – Got its name from the dark brown spots that remind you of a leopard skin. They do not extend beyond 4 inches in growth, and their natural habitats are being threatened by pollution.

  • Mississauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus Catenatus)- this is a stout-bodied rattlesnake that grows to between 50-70cm in length, and it is venomous .It only bites as a form of self-defense and it is characterized by a triangular head and a tail that makes a buzzing sound when it shakes.

  • Kirtlands snake (Clonophis Kirtlandii)-This is a non-venomous snake characterized by keeled scales on its body. It is predominantly found in wetlands, wet pastures and floodplains.


  • Bald eagle- Tis is a bird of prey that is also referred to as the sea eagle. It has a distinctive brown body alongside a white head and tail – these make it easy to identify them.

  • Black Tern- This is a small tern bird mostly found in inland water areas. The bird consumes insects and fishes.

  • Loggerhead shrike- This is referred to as a passerine bird and it is a predatory song bird that consumes predominantly large insects.

  • Osprey – also known as fish eagle or sea hawk, is a large predator that measures up to 60cm in body length and about 60cm across its length.

  • Peregrine falcon- also known as the duck hawk, this bird has an incredible flight speed of 390km/hour, and it is characterized by some blue-gray wings and dark brown backs.

Insects in PA

By admin / January 25, 2017

Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Insects in PA

Thousands of species of Bees, Wasps , Hornets and Insects are found widely distributed in PA, the commonest ones include the following;

  • Dolichovespula adulterina (Parasitic Yellowjacket)- This is a genus of social wasps with long faces and create nests in aerial regions. They are very destructive in nature and their activities can be difficult to control.

  • Dolichovespula arenaria (Common Aerial Yellowjacket)-This is one of the most widely distributed wasps in PA, it feeds mostly on leaves.

  • Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced Hornet) This is one of the most widely d- also known as yellow hornet, this is a predatory wasp characterized by bald face. They create their nests in low hanging tree branches and building corners.

  • Dolichovespula norvegicoides (Northern Aerial Yellowjacket)- This is a small-size yellowjacket wasps characterized by golden-light yellow wings and a mix of black and yellow body colour.

  • Eastern Cicada Killer- often referred to as Cicada hawk, this is a large digging wasp that often lives in solitary regions. They can measure between 0.2 and 2 inches in body length and they are mostly active during the summer.

  • Ichneumon Wasps- these are important parasitoid wasp that are highly diverse in nature. They measure between 0.12 and 5.12 inches in length. The larvae of this wasp live in the host and feeds on it.

  • Polistes dominula (European Paperwasp)- This is one of the most well-known social wasp species in PA, and its diet is more diverse than most other wasp species , hence the species can survive in shortage of resources.

  • Polistes fuscatus (Northern Paper Wasp)- This is a golden colour wasp with a flat body and it usually nest around human settlements. These species of wasps are known to be insectivorous because they can kill other insects, including caterpillars.

  • Vespa crabro (European Hornet)- This is the largest social wasp in PA, and it remains the largest Vespine in North America. The wasp can measure between 2 and 3.5cm in length and they usually have brown and yellow stripes on their bodies. These wasps are regarded as pests because of the nuisance they constitute to humans.

  • Vespula acadica (Forest Yellow Jacket)- This is a big hornet, characterized by bright yellow trunk or predominantly black trunk. They are more active in early autumn season, and they are more active in the forest where they serve as food for insect-eating mammals.

  • Vespula alascensis (Common Yellowjacket)- This yellowjacket is mostly known for its very thin and defined waist. This yellowjacket is known to inflict the most excruciating sting and disposes its venom into its victim. They are quite beneficial because they are useful for cross-pollination. They can be found mostly in pastures, woodlands, lawns and parks.

  • Vespula consobrina -(Blackjacket)- these are wasps known for their pale yellow posterior colours, they have a bald and white colour face and they are mostly known to scavenge instead of hunting for food.

  • Vespula flavopilosa (Downy Yellowjacket)- This is a small yellowjacket genus known for delivering very sharp sting and they hunt for food rather than scavenge.

  • Vespula maculifrons (Eastern Yellowjacket)- These yellowjacket wasps create subterranean nests and they are consider pests because they prefer to create their nests in recreational centers and human buildings.

  • Vespula vidua (Ground Hornet )-These are peaceful insects that only sting when disturbed. They are slightly bigger than the green hornet and they are ground burrowing in nature.

Birds of Prey in PA

By admin / January 25, 2017

Bird Prey in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a wide distribution of prey birds, that are also known as raptors. The commonest ones are;

  • American Kestrel- this is the commonest and smallest falcon bird in Pennsylvania. It can be found perching on open fields , and Telephone wires and it preys on insects, and small reptiles and amphibians.

  • The Bald Eagle-This is also known as the white tail eagle, or sea eagle. It has a distinctive brown body and white head, which makes it easier to identify.

  • The Barn owl- this remains the most widely distributed species of Owl in Pennsylvania, and North America as a whole. They have medium size bodies with heart shaped face and no ear tuffs.

  • The Barred owl- This is a very large owl that is also referred to as the hoot owl because of its distinctive noise or call. Often times, the owl is referred to as eight hooter, wood owl, rain owl, and stripped owl.

  • The black vulture- This is also referred to as the American black vulture , known to possess a poor sense of smell, however, it follows other species of vultures to carcasses . This vulture has broad wings and shows quick flaps when taking low-level flights. The black vulture can consume virtually all kinds of foods, these include fruits, fish, fresh meat, and carcasses of animals.

  • Golden eagle- This is one of the best birds of prey in Pennsylvania, and it remains the most widely distributed species of eagle . This bird is capable of tucking is wings and then swoop on preys at incredible speeds.

  • Great horned owl- this is also referred to as the tiger owl or the hoot owl. This one ne of the most adaptable owls in North America, and it is a large owl recognized through the feather tuffs located on its head. In mind winter, he deep hoots from these owls can be heard throughout the forests.

  • Harris hawk- This is also referred to as the Bay wing hawk or dusky hawk. It is a medium to large hawk bird of prey that has distinctive brown colour feathers.

  • Long eared owl- The long eared owl is part of a larger group of owls referred to as “typical owls”. They derive their names from their typical ear tuffs that are quite long. The owls do possess long and thin bodies.

  • Osprey- this is also referred to as the fish eagle, sea hawk or river hawk . This is a fish-consuming bird that is widely distributed in Pennsylvania. It is a very large raptor that can grow up to 60cm in length and 180cm in wing length.

  • The Peregrine falcon- also known as the Peregrine or the duck hawk. The adult species do have blue-grey wing colours, alongside darkish back, plus a buff colour under-belly.

  • The Red shouldered hawk- This is a medium size hawk has a dark-brown upper region with dull or bright red colour running through its shoulder down to the belly. This hawk makes so much noise that it is often heard before it is seen. It is also one of the most gorgeous birds in Pennsylvania.

  • The Red tail hawk- This is one of the three species of hawks referred to as “Chicken hawk”, even though it rarely preys on chickens. It is characterized by broad and rounded wings, plus a short and wide tail. The broad wings are capable of supporting the bird’s flight in low and high altitudes and it make some chapping noises constantly.

  • The Rough legged hawk- also known as rough legged buzzard, is a large bird of prey that can come in medium to large body size. The name of this hawk comes from its feathered legs and it usually creates its nests on cliff sides with lots of sticks. The Rough legged hawk is capable of hunting in different situations, it can hunt on hills, and mountains and also on the ground, especially on inside the water.

  • Saw-whet owl- This is a small owl that is found widely distributed in Pennsylvania. It has a cat-like face with no tuff in the ears. The head is round and the bird normally sits still when perching. This small bird have poor hunting skills, however, its fragile body helps the animal to penetrate through small holes when looking for food.

  • Screech owl- This owl belongs to the genus known as “megascops”. It is a short stocky bird with almost zero neck. The birds can come in predominantly gray or reddish-brown colours. Despite the name, these owls don’t actually screech, rather they possess some soft thrilling sounds . They are small and nocturnal woodland birds that predominantly feed on insects, and smaller amphibians.

  • The Sharp shinned hawk- This is a small hawk, with males growing smaller than the females. This hawk is also one of the most migratory birds in Pennsylvania. They are known as part of a group of “Accipiter” or bird hawks. The male species can measure up to 27cm in length and can weigh between 87 and 114g.

  • The short eared owl- as expected, this owl has very short ears. They are identified by the presence of tufts of feathers that resemble those of mammalian ears. The ear tufts may or may not be visible from afar, however, one will need to take a closer look to confirm the presence of such features. The short eared owls belong to the genus – Asio.

  • Turkey vulture- also referred to as the Turkey Buzzard, this special type of vulture is widely distributed in Pennsylvania and it remains the most widely spread “new world vultures”. It has a predominantly dark colour with long wings that allows it to soar over high mountains. This vulture has an excellent sense of smell that allows it to smell food even from afar. This vulture does not have a voice box , hence it may produce a low-pitch dull sound . The vulture can extend by as much as 25-32 inches in length, and may weigh between 0.9 and 2kg. The large wings can measure between 1.6-2m in length.

How Do I Delete My Gmail Account

By admin / January 11, 2017
How Do I Delete My Gmail Account

There are literally millions who have a Gmail account and while most are relatively happy with their account, many look to delete theirs. Now, once your account has been created, you have the ability to delete at any given moment. It is, however, important to note that, if you no longer need your Gmail email address, it’s possible to remove it from your account without shutting down your Google account fully. Put simply, you don’t need to delete your Google account in order to delete your Gmail account. If you want to know how to do this, read on to find out more.

How To Delete Email Addresses.

Let’s say that you want to keep your Google account, but want to delete your Gmail address. This is incredibly easy to do. Firstly, you are going to need to sign into your account and locate your preferences page. Once there, you should be able to find a section that covers “deleting products”. When you locate this section, you will be able to select which Google features you wish to delete. To delete your Gmail account you have to sign back in to remove this feature. You will see an instruction guide on screen and this will walk you through removing Gmail permanently.

How Do I Delete My Gmail Account

What If You Use Gmail Offline?

If you want to ensure Gmail is removed completely from your computer then you are going to have to clear all cookies from your computer. This is something you must do if you use your Gmail offline. However, clearing your cookies is incredibly simple to do and should only take a few seconds at best. You might also need to clear your cache from your Internet browser too to make sure Gmail is fully removed. If you don’t do this then you might not remove Gmail fully just yet.

What Will Happen If You Delete Your Email Address?

Let’s say you choose to delete your Google Gmail account, you will find several things happen. Firstly, if you just want to delete an email account, you are free to open up another Gmail account anytime you wish. However, the email address you had is no longer valid or available to use. This email address cannot be used again either by yourself or someone new even though it has been deleted. Also, the emails you had on the email account will be deleted and they cannot be recovered. However, while the email address is deleted, the account technically remains active until you choose to shut the Google account. Any purchases made via this account in Google play will be available to you.

Can You Reactivate A Gmail Account Again?

As said, you cannot use the same email address if you want to open a Gmail account sometime in the future. That is important to remember and if you wish to use Gmail again, you can open up a new email address. Learning how to delete your Gmail account is really quite simple and it only takes a few minutes at best.For more details you can visit support page https://support.google.com/mail/answer/32046?hl=en here.

How Do I Zoom Out On My PC

By admin / January 11, 2017
How Do I Zoom Out On My PC

Learning how to zoom out when using your PC can be extremely important. There are times when you need to alter the state of a page, as well as the desktop and Word documents on your computer. However, when it comes to zooming out, there are several ways to do this -just in case one isn’t open to you. Read on and learn how you can zoom out whilst using your PC.

The Simple Method

If you’re going online and want to zoom out of a certain web page, you can easily do this by clicking the zoom bottom at the top of your Internet browser. Now, this is very simplest and by far the easiest method and something most will do when online. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this method. However, if you don’t want to use this method or your browser doesn’t offer a zoom out feature, you may have to look for another route.

Using a Conventional PC

Firstly, you will want to select the page that you wish to zoom in or out. Once you have this page up, you need to locate your control button on the keyboard which should be located at the top of your keyboard. You must press these buttons and hold the control key and you should be able to ­­scroll and zoom the page out.

How Do I Zoom Out On My PC

Use Your Mouse to Zoom Out

If you have a laptop computer, then you might find this method offers a little more versatility and simplicity. So, first thing you have to do is to select the necessary page and hold your control button. Once you have pressed and held the control, you should be able to scroll the scroll which will make the page zoom out. This should only take a few minutes at best and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your head around either.

How to Zoom Out Whilst Using Google Chrome

If you have installed Google Chrome onto your PC or laptop then you will find it is very easy to zoom out. So, what do you have to do? Well, firstly, you must locate the menu button; this should be found at the top of the Internet page and may be indicated via thee little lines. If you aren’t sure, you will find it’s just across from the search bar. Once you have done this, you will need to locate the zoom feature. You can choose to zoom into the page or out the page depending on what you feel is necessary.

You May Need To Alter Your PC’s Resolution

Depending on the type of computer you are using, you may need to look into altering your resolution. Now, this isn’t too difficult to do and it really should only take two or three minutes at best. What you’ll need to do is go to the resolution menu and locate the zoom out feature. Once you have done this, you can confirm to changes and the screen will reset.

Learning to Use Your Zoom out Features Is Easy

It doesn’t matter whether you have a PC, desktop, laptop or even a tablet; you shouldn’t find it too difficult to change your zoom settings. Whether it’s just one Internet page you want read the content better or alter the settings on a Word document, it is quite simple. Learning how to alter your zoom out feature on a PC is really easy once you know how to do it. You can also read our post https://www.launchknowledge.com/delete-gmail-account/ so continue reading and gain knowledge.

What Does 1738 Mean?

By admin / January 11, 2017
What Does 1738 Mean?

1738, what does it mean to you? Nothing? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There are many who have heard the phrase 1738, but really aren’t too sure what it all means. So, what does 1738 mean? Read on and find out a little more – you might be surprised.

Where Does The Name Stem From?

In all honesty, the rap troupe was created in New Jersey and the Remy Boyz was named after a 1738 Remy Martin cognac, considered to be one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. If you wanted to know what does 1738 mean, you will find it comes from the finest liquor and that it was the basis of the troupe’s origins too. This is really a big name for most and one that is very easy to understand too. The Remy Boyz is really one of the biggest names in American rap culture right now and they are only going to get better. The rap troupe is a wonderful group.

Example Of 1738

‘Why don’t you pick up 1738 and meet us in the club’? If you weren’t sure what this meant, it really refers to one very expensive drink, liquor, which is supposed to be very costly indeed. 1738 refers to a cognac that is considered to be amongst the most expensive drinks in the world. Now, you might not know too much about this drink and yet it is really one that is highly enjoyed and loved too worldwide. It isn’t hard to see why and yet there are many who really aren’t too sure what’s so special about it. In truth, it’s very delicately crafted and offers so much in terms of quality and style.

What Does 1738 Mean?What Does 1738 Mean?

Remy Boyz

While many will know one meaning of 1738 as being a cognac, there are many who refer 1738 to a rap troupe. The Remy Boyz are one of New Jersey’s biggest rap troupe and have had a great song associated with 1738. In fact, there are many who say the origins of the group and its name was taken from the cognac. That is why when people think about 1738; they often associate it with the rappers as well as the expensive cognac.

Examples of 1738 Meaning

‘You want to get 1738?’ ‘Pick up 1738 and we’ll have a party.’ These are just another two examples of how people might use 1738 and its meaning. Also, you are going to find that more and more are going to refer to 1738 as both the rap troupe and the drink. They can be so often closely associated and something that you are going to often get confused with too. You are just going to love to learn about 1738.

Getting Technical

1738 can really mean a whole host of things depending on the area you’re looking into. For instance, you can look into historical meanings as well as historical events too. This is often forgotten about so while you might want to find out more about 1738 cognac, this may not be relevant. Hopefully, you’ll learn a little more about 1738.You can also read more about What Does 679 Mean?

What Does 679 Mean?

By admin / January 11, 2017
What Does 679 Mean?

Have you ever wondered what 679 means? A lot of people have heard 679 and wondered what it really is. However, you might be surprised to learn that this centers all around the music world and one song in particular. So, what does actually 679 mean? Read on to find out more and you might be surprised with what you learn.You can also find details about What Does 1738 Mean?

What Does 679 Mean?

679 is the name of a song by the famed American rapper Fetty Wap. However, where does 679 originate? Well, it comes from the rappers birth date. The six month, the seventh day of that month and the year 1990. That is what the 679 stands for, and while most wouldn’t have guessed what it meant, it is quite simple if you know a little about the rapper. The song also featured on the debut album by Fetty Wap and the singer who is a member of the Remy Boyz 1738 rap troupe.

What Does 679 Mean?What Does 679 Mean?What Does 679 Mean?

Big Success

When it comes to the music video of 679, there were over two hundred million views and these viewers have constantly come back for more too. The views of the music has really taken off in recent years and it centers on the rapper singing in a mansion. The video has inspired a lot and there are more and more who are looking at this video even today.

A Top Quality Song

679 is truly one of the top-selling songs of all time and it’s not hard to see why. This is really a very classic song and it’s a wonderful song too. 679 is one of the fastest-selling songs and during the first few days of digital downloads, there were millions who streamed it. In fact, there were over three million copies downloaded of the song and it has jumped up in the charts in recent times too. In 2015, this was a very popular song and was quickly in the top 10 chart as well. It is really still quite popular and in the US, the number of people buying this song reached new heights as well.

Gaining New Heights

However, in recent years, the rapper has seen a lot of success and his songs have really taken off. There are millions of fans worldwide and the lyrics and vocals are incredibly strong. There are now more and more who are away of the rap troupe and love the sounds by Fetty Wap also. You are going to find there are more and more who really love these tunes and it’s not hard to see why.

Embrace the Songs

Whether you were just looking for the meaning of 679 or otherwise, you are going to love the song. This is really a unique tune and something that has really become vastly popular also. There is just so much to come from this song and it’s quite a unique sounding tune as well. Anyone who loves 1738 rap troupe Remy Boyz will adore this song.For more details you can continue reading here http://www.metrolyrics.com/ml-discussions-679-lyrics-fetty-wap/216.html

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