How Long Does it Take for Airpods to Charge

Keeping your AirPods charged and ready for use is a challenge, especially if you’re not near an outlet or can’t charge them during the day. To make things easier, Apple got rid of those annoying charging cases and instead included a wireless charging case in the box. The catch? It doesn’t hold as much juice as the old case did. You have to charge it every night or so they say. 

In reality, you probably won’t need to charge your AirPods that often, but we all know life is unpredictable and it can happen at any time. Thankfully, it only takes about an hour to give your AirPods a full charge. Keep reading for more details.

How Long Does it Take for Airpods to Charge?

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With any electronic device, the exact time it will take to charge will depend on the device itself. AirPods are no different. Generally speaking, most devices charge at a rate of one hour per 10% battery charge. This means that you will need to charge them for around an hour to get a 10% battery charge. 

You can calculate the exact time it takes to charge your AirPods by hitting up an online calculator. Try this one from Appliances Online. Simply plug in the battery percentage of your AirPods, then select the charging time. You’ll get a very accurate time for how long it will take to charge your AirPods.

How to Check the Battery on your AirPods?

Another way to determine when your AirPods need to be charged is to check their battery levels. This can be done with the AirPods themselves, or from your device. To check the battery levels on your AirPods, open up the carrying case and select each earbud. You’ll see the estimated amount of time each bud has left. 

You can also check the battery levels of your AirPods from your device. Simply open up the Settings app, select the Bluetooth setting, then tap on your AirPods. You’ll see the same information there.

What is the Wireless Charging Case?

The wireless charging case is the case that comes in the box with your AirPods. It’s not a case where you put your AirPods in, but rather a wireless charging station for your AirPods themselves. You plug the charging case into a wall outlet or USB port, then drop your AirPods inside. You can charge both AirPods at the same time, or just one if needed. 

The wireless charging case holds enough battery to charge your AirPods up to three times. The case takes about three hours to fully charge, which is pretty decent considering it holds the same amount of juice as the old charging case used to.

How Long will a Full Charge Last?

How long a full charge will last will depend on your individual AirPods. On average, a full charge will give you around 24 hours of listening time on a single AirPod. If you are using both AirPods at the same time, they will last around 12 hours. 

Note that these numbers are only averages. Depending on how loudly you listen to your music, the amount of time can vary. If you tend to listen to your music at a very loud volume, the battery life will naturally be shorter than someone who listens to their music at a lower volume.

Should You Fully Charge Your AirPods Daily?

There is nothing wrong with charging your AirPods every day, but it’s not a necessity. You can get away with charging them every other day, or whenever you remember. You’ll likely get away with charging them less often if you use them less. If you’re a frequent user, you may have to charge them daily. 

One thing to note is that it’s best to fully charge your AirPods. If you plug them in for only an hour or two, they may not be fully charged by the time you’re ready to use them. For best results, plug them in for the full three hours to fully charge them.

Wrapping Up

Remember, it only takes about an hour to fully charge your AirPods, so you can plug them in while you’re getting ready in the morning and they’ll be good to go. You shouldn’t have to fully charge them every single day, but do keep an eye on the battery levels and plug them in when they get low.

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