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How to hack a KiK account

By admin / April 16, 2017

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Disclaimer: LaunchKnowledge.com does not endorse or encourage hacking someones KiK account. This information is to help you prevent your account from being hacked.

The Canadian company, Kik Interactive offers an instant messenger software application for your mobile device called Kik Messenger. Kik Messenger, or Kik, allows you to connect with your friends and family through chat. Since you don’t have to attach your Kik account to your phone number, Kik offers you anonymity while it helps you avoid extra data charges and keep your text limits in check. You do still need WiFi to use Kik. With just a username and password, Kik offers you a free account to chat, share pics and videos, and even meet new people.

Kik not only allows its users to chat with their friends, but you can watch videos, play games, listen to music, and check out content on Reddit. Kik also has internal apps to help you meet new people. With Flirt!, you can search for users in your age range to flirt with. Match & Chat is a bit like Tinder – you swipe left or right on other users then chat with your ‘right-swiped’ users who have also right swiped you. Kik is not only for friends to chat with friends – it also allows its partners to share content and talk to users as well as track the results. Developers can even use Kik’s APIs and libraries to distribute and optimize their content.

With over 300 million “Kicksters” (users), no link to a phone number or even a person’s real name, and the opportunity to chat with strangers, Kik can be very concerning to parents, especially parents with young users who are pretending to be older (Kik has a 17+ rating). After the 2016 murder of a 13-year old Virginia girl and many other cases involving Kik and minors, parents are looking for a way to keep tabs on their “Kickster” teens’ conversations.

Kik does not ignore these incidences and cooperates fully with law enforcement to solve these cases. Kik works to stay on top of child exploitation, and has adopted technology to detect exploitative images. They also have joined a global anti-child abuse organization, Virtual Global Taskforce. Any user receiving unwanted, harassing, or abusive messages, should report them to Kik.

If you are concerned about your child’s Kik account, you could block Kik from being accessed by your WiFi. One downside to this is, if your child is savvy, he/she could use a proxy server to get around this option, but you could then block the proxy website from the WiFi. Another option is to ask your phone carrier to block Kik from your child’s mobile device.

One more option is phishing – tricking the user into thinking he/she is getting an email from Kik, which makes him/her ‘log in’ to your site. Once there, the user needs to enter their password, which in turn gives you their log in information. If your child is savvy, and you hope he/she is, to achieve success with this option be sure to make it look professional, as if it came from Kik.
Installing spyware is another way to gain access to a Kik account. Weebly, KikShark, and Kik Hack offer some options of spyware software that hack into a Kik account for you. You only need to know the username of the account you want to hack. With an internet connection, regardless of your system – Android, iOS, a Mac or PC – these tools will work for you. You can also install spyware on an iPhone, but it’s more likely the user will identify it.

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