Clash of Clans Free Gems

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Clash of Clans is a free, multiplayer mobile strategy game from Supercell. Join the Clash community with millions of players from all over the world. Build a village, train your troops, brew spells, and defend your turf. Unlock clans and unite with others to share troops or request reinforcements for more firepower in attack and defense. Attack players from around the world in multiplayer mode or defeat the Goblin Horde in single player mode. Fight wars against enemy clans for glory and to earn bonus loot, Clan XP, and Clan perks. After building your base, training your troops and scouting your enemies, prepare for battle. Earn war stars with the best attack on a base. At the end of wars, each successful attack earns your castle gold and elixir. Gold and elixir is needed to build and reload protective defenses. Gold and elixir can be earned in single player mode as well. Builders upgrade buildings and by default you get two. When your builders are busy, you have to wait for them to finish or speed the process with gems. You can get up to five builders using gems. You can even use gems to train your army, upgrade your troops, and “boost” buildings like barracks and resource productions. Gems are also used as currency. The easiest and safest way to acquire gems is buying them through in-app purchases. While playing the game, you can earn gems by clearing obstacles on your base like trees, mushrooms, or gem boxes. If you don’t use your gems on speeding up processes, you can save gems and they will start to accumulate. Gems are awarded when you complete certain achievements, or when you reach a milestone.

In Game Activities to Earn Gems

  • Remove obstacles like rocks, mushrooms and trees – remember to leave space for more plants to grow, giving you more to remove, thus earning more gems
    • 5 removed obstacles earn you 5 gems
    • 50 removed obstacles earn you 10 gems
    • 500 removed obstacles earn you 20 gems
  • Upgrade buildings, steal gold, complete the Campaign, unlock units like the Dragon and Archer to earn up 20 gems

Achievements that earn gems:

  • Friend in Need (providing your allies with reinforcements): 250 gems
  • League All-Star (advancing through CLash of Clans league
    • Crystal League: 250 gems
    • Master League: 1,000 gems
    • Champion: 2,000 gems
  • Firefighter (destroy your opponent’s Inferno Towers) – destroy 5,000 towers: 1,000 gems
  • War Hero (win stars for your clan in War Battles) – 1,000 stars: 1,000 gems
  • Spoils of War (collect gold from Clan War bonuses) 100,000,000 gold: 1,000 gems
  • Earn trophies by winning in multiplayer games – whether you attack or are attacked, you can win (and also lose) trophies
    • Get 1250 trophies: 450 gems
    • Get 2000 trophies: 250 gems
    • Get 2600 trophies: 1000 gems
    • Get 3200 trophies: 2000 gems
    • Get 150 War stars: 200 gems

Supercell also holds monthly forum contests that award its winners with thousands of gems. Rules and specifics change each month and some contests even earn your entire clan lots of gems. Some months even reward multiple users. March, 2017 saw 6 users each winning 2,000 gems. For Android devices, you can install the Google Opinion Rewards app. Completing marketing surveys will reward you with Google Play credit, which you can spend on Clash of Clans gems. The app is safe and most surveys are short. The app is only available for Android and not iOS devices. There are sites that claim to be gem generators and offer to get you unlimited gems. These sites are most likely spyware and you could be giving someone else your personal information or control of your account. Clash of Clans servers are highly secured and Clash of Clans will ban you for using some of these cheats. You should proceed with extreme caution when considering one of these options. Supercell warns users against hacks – iTunes and Google Play are the only places you can get more gems. Clash of Clans has their own resource generator, which is your safest and most secure choice.

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