5 Best Pomade for Thick Hair 2017

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Hair pomade can be described as a kind of gel which was often used years back by our great parents and grandparents.

This makes the millennials not aware of hair pomades that much as there are plenty of all range of hair products to choose from in the market today.

Pomades core functions are shaping the hair in a nice way while adding glow to the hair. In most cases, Vaseline is used to make pomade, but other ingredients such as aloe vera or vanilla have been used. Beeswax is another major commonly used product in making pomade.

The wax improves the pomades consistency.

How often Pomades should be used

Once or twice a day when starting out. After achieving the desired hair shade, resorting to using them twice or thrice each week is recommended. In order to help maintain the new hair growth color.

5. Best Pomades

1. Uppercut Deluxe

Our Rating:

Size :  3.5oz
Cost : $$

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

The product was developed by Australian barbers with the in-depth knowledge of hair needs, and it is one of the most reliable pomades in the market.

The pomade has a very nice smell with vanilla coconut scent which adds a touch of softness to the otherwise known as a manly product. The scent is not offensive.

It’s flexible to style, thick and yet lightweight than other pomades and it’s perfect for use when working out or performing rigorous activities.

This pomade unquestionably is made for thick hair. It has the natural ability to tackle a wide variety of hair types by giving a medium shine and a medium to strong hold. The formula washes out with much ease without leaving behind any buildup.

In addition, it can be a great household pomade for those homes with different folks, since each person has her own level of hair thickness. The consistency of the thick gel may make one hesitant, but at the end of the day, it gives all the classic pomade definition.


  • The results of uppercut are anything but abrasive as it may sound.
  • Gel-like consistency provides an excellent definition of the typical pomade.
  • Washes out of hair much easier than its competitor products


  • Doesn’t wash off easily and completely from the hands


2. Star Pro Line

Our Rating:

Size :  5fl 0z
Cost : $$$

Star Pro Line

After multiple of research and tests about this pomade, this product came out on top as the best for thick hair.

It has the best hold and lasts all day long. The product goes on thicker than any other product and it also has a matte like finish.

Coming in 5 oz container, star pro is formaldehyde and paraben free, it keeps the hair in place. It’s easy to wash and rinse out just like most pomades.

This pomade has the highest degree hold out of all the star pro line. With its nice smell, the pomade applies nicely.

It’s made for professionals and its rich in fragrance.


3. Suavecito Pomade

Our Rating:

Size :  4oz
Price : $$

Suavecito Pomade

This pomade is the most convenient product. Suavecent provides an extremely easy way to use their pomade, by the aid of a special formula which offers a very strong hold but yet easy to wash out.

As the name suggests, the pomade is sure to make the mane look smooth and stylish, regardless. The product has a light scent that works so perfect on thick hair and lasts throughout the day.

Suavecito has consistently topped the lists of the best pomades, for purely great reasons. The pomade combs with less effort, providing strong grips for maximum styling flexibility.

The product dries with medium hardness, that is, one doesn’t have to worry about her hair falling out of place in the daytime, since looking like Alfalfa will not be in her portion till the next shower.

The pomade is subtle since the finish is of a moderate shine, the product leaves out a healthy-looking. Although it grips like wax, its water-soluble nature makes it wash right out.

And if a wetter like or shiny look is needed, a bit of water addition during styling can be done. It’s easy to re-style the hair


4. Imperial Classic Pomade

Our Rating:

Size :  6oz
Cost :   $$$

Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade

This is an already widely recognized product. It gives an industrial-strength hold. And it can be flexible or as strong as one would like, regardless of how much water is utilized when applying the product.

It is regarded as the strongest water-based pomade in the United States, it has a matte finish, and therefore, your hair isn’t left looking like an oil slick

The product is a water soluble product which washes out very easy. The pomade is cruelty-free and completely vegan-friendly, a factor that is not easy to get in many pomade brands.

Imperial Classic does not leave the hair greasy or with a vinyl-feeling, but it does leave a medium sheen to the hair. It has a light, natural watermelon scent to it, which is another bonus.

It may be hard to re-style when accidentally put too much in hair unless water is added.

Overall, Imperial Pomade is an amazing product.


5. Axe Clean Cut

Axe Clean Cut

This pomade is a classic product for hair that’s thick, especially for men. It gives one control over the hair style, leaving him/her without a hard or crusty feeling. The pomade is formulated for unruly, stubborn hair.

Only a small amount is needed to style the whole head since it’s a thick paste. This makes it a great value as it lasts for such a long time.

The product washes out easily since it’s water-based, therefore, it washes out easily and leaves no residue behind.

Tips for Purchasing Best Pomade

Various individuals possess different hair types. And as far as pomades are concerned, there’s never a best size fit. Since peoples’ tastes too vary differently.

A great method of achieving best suitable hair pomade is by trying out varieties. Since all the hair products above vary from each other.



Hair pomades are good for shaping and styling hair, in addition, they make the hair shiny and prevent dryness while preventing the split ends on the hair.

Pomades were used by Hollywood stars in the past and slowly it’s making its way into the modern market.

Pomades still have many advantages over the hair gels of today since hair gels dry out quickly

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