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5 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Reviews 2017: Get the Job Done Fast

By admin / July 5, 2017

If you have to clear up large outdoor areas, you will know just what an inconvenience it can be. At certain times of the year, leaves and debris can end up all over the ground and clearing it all up can be a tiring job. If you are using a broom and rake, it can take a long time and the chances are you will have aching arms for the remainder of the day. Fortunately, there is an alternative. You can now benefit from the ease and convenience of a commercial leaf vacuum, which makes light work of this otherwise time-consuming and challenging task.

Also known as leaf blowers, leaf vacuum mulchers, lawn vacuums, and cyclone rakes, these are heavy-duty machines that are designed to offer high-performance levels and plenty of power. Of course, you need to remember that they are noise so you should make sure you check regulation with regards to their usage in public areas. These leaf vacuums are perfect for parks, for use after busy events, in large outdoor areas, and at roadsides. You can clean up leaves and debris far more quickly and easily with one of these commercial leaf vacuums and there are plenty of different models to choose from.

Some of the top models on the market

When you purchase a commercial leaf vacuum, you need to ensure you get one that offers reliability, high quality, and efficiency. There are many different makes and models that you can choose from. Some of the top ones available include:

Husqvarna 125BV x28CC Gas Powered Blower Vac

Husqvarna 125BV x28CC Gas Powered Blower Vac

This high-quality commercial leaf blower offers a huge range of benefits and utilizes modern technology in its design. It is ergonomically designed and lightweight for ease of handling, so you don’t need to endure yard work-related aches and pains. This is ideal for landscape gardeners and for large homes. It has a smart start feature for easy start-up and you can set the fan speed. The vac kit enables you to vacuum and mulch debris. This is a gas-powered tool and comes with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind. The product is designed to pack a lot of power into a lightweight package so you can look forward to great results as well as ease of use.

RIDGID Wet Dry VAC1200 Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

RIDGID Wet Dry VAC1200 Vacuum Cleaner and Blower

This leaf vacuum is heavy duty and comes with a detachable leaf blower, making it versatile and very efficient. This blower has a large drain, which enables you to dispose of liquid easily and conveniently. It is compact and easy to maneuver, so you can benefit from complete portability with this leaf vacuum. The caster feet double up as storage for the accessories on the vacuum. It has a Quik-Lock filter, which simplifies the filter changing process. Not only does this machine make quick work of yard cleanup, it can also clean up wet messes. The vacuum boasts impressive suction power and comes with a wide variety of accessories to help you get the job done quickly, easily, conveniently, and efficiently.

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

This gas-powered, push-design leaf and debris vacuum will make light work of clearing up large spaces. Whether you are looking to clear a large open space or a facility such as a car park, you can do so with ease when you use this machine. It comes with a 5-blade impeller with edges that are serrated. This provides maximum power and performances when it comes to suction and clearing debris. You can adjust the height with ease to suit your needs and the waste collection and disposal process is simple and convenient. This product comes with a variety of accessories and boasts innovative design, impressive suction and powerful performance.

Merry Mac Walk-Behind Chipper/Vacuum

Merry Mac Walk-Behind ChipperVacuum

This powerful and solidly constructed machine provides a simple and effortless way to clear up leaves and debris from larger spaces. It has a walk-behind design so you can maneuver it with ease. It is also self-propelled to provide easy handling. The product offers three speeds for moving forward as well as a reverse function. It has a two-stage cutting action, which can reduce debris to just an eighth of its size. The dual zipper bag enables you to dispose of waste without having to remove the bag, which is another convenient addition. Manufactured to very high standards, this is a powerful machine that is perfect for clearing up large areas.

Patriot Products CBV-2455H Honda Gas Powered Walk-Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum

Patriot Products CBV-2455H Honda Gas Powered Walk-Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum

Powerful, efficient, reliable, and versatile, this is a machine that offers a wide range of benefits. In a single pass, you can clear a path measuring 24 inches in width. Although pricey, this machine can quickly reduce fallen branches into little pieces, making light work of branch removal. If you need to use the leaf blower feature, all you need to do is flip the handle on the machine. This machine has a Honda engine that is both efficient on fuel and quiet. With this single machine you can vacuum, blow leaves, and mulch, which means you get to benefit from great value as well as excellent quality.

With a wide range of options available, finding the right leaf vacuum shouldn’t be a problem. You need to consider where and how much you will be using it in order to determine the right one for your needs. You should also make sure you check the features, specifications, and the price of these products before you make your purchase. Once you have found the right one for your needs, you can look forward to total ease and convenience. These appliances are designed to make cleaning up leaves and debris far easier and much quicker. This is particularly beneficial when you are working on a large area.

These machines are great for all sorts of environments. The smaller ones are perfect for residential landscape gardeners looking for something powerful yet lightweight and portable. The larger ones provide the perfect tool for cleaning up large areas. Parks, parking lots, events areas, and other large spaces can be cleared of leaves and debris with far greater ease when you use one of these powerful products.

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