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Best Industrial Rubber Bumpers

By admin / August 10, 2017
Best Industrial Rubber Bumpers

An industrial bumper is a protective object that is commonly used in high tension environment to prevent either metal or wood from coming into contact as such a contact would lead to increased wear and tear.

A bumper can be used as door stop, drawer stop, vibrating equipment stop or furniture feet. The industrial rubber will save you a lot of repair and maintenance costs.

35.5" x 4" Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Dock Bumper

35.5 x 4 Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Dock Bumper

The 35.5 inches by 4-inches Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Bumper will not disappoint you. For just $41.99, you can have the bumper free shipped to your location at no additional cost. The bumper is built to compress and thereby reduce impact on two metals and thus reduce damages to the said metals. Inside the bumper is a void with a diameter of 2.25 inches which further enhances its ability to reduce the impact.

This bumper is best used on building columns, dock levers, walls and truck trailers. It comes with three 5/8-inches mounting holes which have one 3/8 inches counter sinks. It is made with industrial rubber for durability. The industrial rubber is water, temperature variation and oil resistant.

The bumper comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty kicks in once the shipment arrives at your premises. Note that this warranty is not transferable and does not cover on-the-job wear and tear, damage due to incorrect usage, damage by pet, rust or abuse.

What Customers Say:

“I installed this to as front impact bumper for my sail boat slip because I was not happy with using fenders. This is quite a heavy bumper but works beautifully when landing in heavy downwind conditions. I mounted it to a board with 3 carriage bolts and installed the board with an additional 3 carriage bolts on each end. Very secure.” ~ Deryk Johnston

YM D6466 Rubber Extruded Dock Bumper, 12" Length, 2" Width, 1-3/4" Depth

YM D6466 Rubber Extruded Dock Bumper

The YM D6466 is an all-weather abrasion resistant industrial rubber bumper that works best to protects docks and dock levers. It shelters the heavy machinery that is used to lift cargo off the transit ships from damage. Individual parts of the bumper can be replaced.

The bumper works by compressing upon contact with the heavy metal. This compression reduce the force between the container and the vehicle transporting it. It is built with a half-oval shape that allows effective federing over a very wide radius.

With a 1-piece construction the gaps between bumpers is reduced and thus can be quickly installed on the surface. Its mounting holes measure 3/8" and its access hole measures 5/8". The bumper also comes with a washer for every hole. Note that you will need to buy installation hardware as it is not part of the shipped package.

What Customers Say:

“I attached the bumpers to the fascia of the house and now the house is protected from accidental bumps from my truck!” ~ By Stephen Cronkon August 24, 2016

Vestil M-2-12 Rubber Extruded Bumper, 12" Length, 2" Width, 1-3/4" Depth

Vestil M-2-12 Rubber Extruded Bumper

The Vestil M-2-12 Rubber Extruded Bumper is best suited for loading dock to prevent damages on the vehicle, the cranes, the dock and the building. The resistance, and elasticity in the rubber makes it better for weather and withstand impact better. The half-oval shape on the bumper allows federing over wide radius. To easily install the bumper, the manufacturer pre-drills countersunk mounting holes.

The bumper measures 12 by 2 by 1-3/4-inches. As an added advantage to its customers, Vestil manufactures customized handling equipment that includes hoists, trolleys, gantry and jib cranes, storage solutions and loading dock equipment. Vestil was established in 1968 and its headquarters are located in Angola, Indiana. In the packaging, you will find the M-2-12 bumper and washers.

What Customers Say:

“The first truck to back into the set we bolted on the dock crushed the rubber into pieces - had to replace with solid rubber type bumper. Of course this happened 2 days after the 30 day return policy expired...” ~ By Michael Largeteauon October 15, 2014

“This bumper is very tough. I used 2 of them to replace the bumpers on a 24 foot box truck. Worked very well. Each comes with two steel plates with holes in them for the bolts to provide extra holding power. The hole in the outside of the bumper is big enough to fit a socket through to tighten. The holes are large enough for an impact socket also which makes it easier.” ~ By Dean Trombettaon February 25, 2013

YM D6480 Rubber Molded Dock Bumper, 6" Length, 3-1/2" Width, 3-1/2" Depth

The YM D6480 Rubber Molded Dock Bumper is made for abrasion resistant and all-weather. It is a heavy duty bumper that is built to protect docks, shelters, and dock levelers from impact damage. The bumpers individual sections can be replaced whenever they are damaged.

It can be installed very fast on the surface. It comes with ½ inches mounting hole and 1-1/2-inches access holes. The bumper also comes with a washer per hole.

What the Customers Say:

“Wow, big and firm. Designed for like fork lifts. I needed it just to make sure my tool chest was not too close to the wall that the lid would tear it up when open. Look very nice with smooth edges. Not like some of the others I saw. Wish they had a 3 inch deep one too, but 4 was as shallow as I could find.”

IRONguard Rubber Molded Dock Bumper, Rectangular, 4 Holes, 20" Length, 4-1/2" Width, 3" Depth

IRONguard Rubber Molded Dock Bumper

The IRONguard Rubber Molded Dock Bumper is a heavy duty bumper made for quick and easy installation. It comes with holes that can accept 3/4 –inches bolts. It has a 3-inch projection. It is manufactured with reinforced prime rubber. Its manufactures say that its impact recovery totals to about 98% (plus/minus2). The bumper’s tensile strength is about 8.3N/mm2 and an elongation of 500 percent.

What the Customers Say:

“Very heavy duty...look like they will last forever. Bought these to bolt to the back of our flatbed to protect the bed and our loading dock...I'm sure they will outlast the truck.” Remark F. Jon June 4, 2016.

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