Bonsai Tool Reviews 2017

By admin / May 26, 2017

You might have them at home or office, but do you really maintain your Bonsai tools as you should? Maintenance is key if you want tools that will last and work properly.

How to Take Care of Your Bonsai Tools

  • Clean and oil them after use
  • Remove buildup of sap on the blades of the cutting tools through applying turpentine
  • Wipe the tool with a rag dipped in oil and ensure you wipe cutting surface till it is clean again
  • Store your tools in a sealed box this ensures they are not exposed to changes in humidity and weather and this prevents rusting.

2017 Recommended Bonsai Sets

6 PCS Master's Grade Bonsai tool set (kit) JTTK-04

It has the following tools:

  • Branch Cutter
  • Knob Cutter
  • ​Root Pruning Scissors
  • Long Handle Scissors
  • Wire Cutter
  • Bonsai Tweezers

One thing you should know is that you will have a quality assured set that you will be able to use it for longer period.

Performance Tool 1499 7pc Tweezer Set

Comes with:

  • Chrome finished carbon steel for durability
  • Used for picking, gripping and handling of very small objects

Triprel Inc Professional Lightweight Bonsai Tool Set

Triprel Inc Professional Lightweight Bonsai Tool Set

Includes: Carbon Steel 14-pc Kit Cutter Scissors Shears Tree W/ Nylon Case


  • It is made of carbon steel
  • lightly oiled
  • ​Heavy duty nylon case with inner flap
  • Heavy duty Equipment
  • Lightweight
  • ​Portable & easy to store

Yescom 6 PCS Bonsai Tool Carbon Steel Shear Set

Yescom 6 PCS Bonsai Tool Carbon Steel Shear Set

Comes with:

  • 6 pieces bonsai tool kit
  • Good for a beginner/a professional
  • ​Lasts longer since it is made of carbon steel
  • Tool roll for storage
  • ​1 leaf trimmer
  • 1 pliers
  • ​1 root hook
  • ​1 folding saw
  • 1 Long handle shear
  • 1 knob cutter
  • 1 case

Houseplant Tool Set 3 Pc Mntcr

Comes with

  • 3-piece houseplant tool set
  • Use for terrariums, bonsai and window boxes.
  • ​Set includes: rake, trowel and transplanter.
  • Carded

Bonsai Tool Kit - 6 Piece Set and Case

This is recommended to any beginner starting using Bonsai tools on your garden.

Comes with:

  • High quality stainless steel
  • 18cm Fine Shears
  • ​20cm Long Handled Scissors
  • ​19cm Heavy Duty Shears
  • 20cm Branch Cutters
  • ​21cm Knob Cutters
  • 21cm Trunk/Branch Splitters
  • Covered in Ryuga leather style bonsai tool roll

Stanwood Bonsai Tool 14 Piece Carbon Steel Shear Set and Tool Kit

This are the 14 pieces:

  • 7 1/2 cutting scissors (large)
  • 7 1/2 cutting scissors (medium)
  • ​7 trimming scissors
  • 4 1/4″ leaf cutter
  • ​8 concave cutter
  • 8 1/4″ knob cutter
  • ​7 wire cutter
  • ​10 1/2″ trunk splitter
  • 9 in plier
  • 7 root cutter
  • ​branch bender (3″ between side bars when furthest apart)
  • 8 1/2″ rake with spatula
  • ​9 root hook
  • 5 3/4″ broom

12 piece Bonsai Tool Set


Comes with:

  • 200mm Branch Cutter
  • 205mm Knob Cutter
  • ​185mm Fine Pruning Shears
  • ​180mm General Pruning Shears
  • 120mm Detail Pruning Scissors
  • 180mm Wire Cutter
  • ​180mm Root Shears
  • 110mm Sprung Leaf Shears
  • ​220mm Rake/Tweezer combination tool
  • ​230mm Root Hook
  • ​Double ended Coir Brush
  • Zip up leather look padded case

This far-reaching bonsai tool set is intended to serve for the vast majority of the upkeep work required on Bonsai. It incorporates a large portion of the apparatuses required to keep your trees looking awesome. This toolbox additionally incorporates the bigger 200mm Branch and knob cutters rather than the more common 180mm apparatuses found in other bonsai device sets. This must be the best value Bonsai toolbox accessible. When contrasting and other toolboxes available make note of precisely what apparatuses are being offered as most do exclude the bigger branch and knob cutter

Essential Bonsai Tools and Their Use

Knob Cutter

This is what a specialist needs in cutting out branches. It is the fundamental piece of your bonsai toolbox additionally you can utilize this apparatus in expelling wood in a substantially snappier and more exact way while forming the last surface cut on the branch. The handle cutter is additionally helpful when you have to dispose of undesirable trunk or root material in a zone where a somewhat expelled tap root is found. With the forceful snacking development of the instrument, this kills overabundance hard situated underneath the storage compartment. This additionally makes it less demanding for you to fit the plant appropriately into the pot.



Rakes vary in designs from 3 prongs, 2 prongs and other only one prong. To know which will suit your type of work here is a tip, the lesser the prongs your rake has the stronger it is. Those with more prongs I will recommend for finishing touches when raking out roots.

Root Hook

Bonsai root hook incorporate the delicate unraveling of roots and expulsion of soil. A few people utilize a chopstick to do these assignments, especially when the plant is still little. At the point when the plant has developed into its medium or expansive size, you should utilize a more productive apparatus, for example, a root hook. This apparatus has hooks with one to three focuses, in spite of the fact that a single point root hook more productive in expelling soil without making damage to fine and little roots. While hooks with different focuses are incredible for soil removal, roots frequently get tangled in the focuses, which can prompt breakage of fine roots.

Re-potting Sickle

Re-potting Sickle

This tool is used for:  cutting twines or ropes, but its specialty is repotting. The tool is designed so as it is able possible to be inserted between inner surface of the bonsai & compacted root ball, this makes it easy to remove the tree from the pot.


  • Flat blade
  • Saw teeth
  • ​Japan made

Root Cutter

When you have to put an untrained bonsai plant in a pot surprisingly, it is critical to abbreviate or dispose of substantial roots. While you can discover a few devices that will have the capacity to carry out the job including the concave pruners, there are dangers required in utilizing unseemly tools since it is conceivable that some little stones will be stuck in the blades. In light of this, it is vital to utilise the correct tools for the work, for example, the root cutter since it has a sharp edge which is thicker and coarser. This enables it to withstand damages caused by little stones. While you are probably going to use this instrument less as often as possible, it is as yet essential to have this in your bonsai pack.

Concave Pruner

Concave Pruner

This is a standout amongst the most imperative bonsai tools that one has to purchase. Make sure you search for a top quality concave pruner made of the finest material. It is used to cut branches appropriately, which guarantees fast mending of the injury. The device got its name from the state of the mark or cut left on the branch. At the point when utilized the right way the injury/wound is probably going to recuperate quicker from the sides of the trunk or branch from the top and base parts. With the inward despondency left into the trunk. For the individuals who are hoping to purchase a concave pruner a great alternative is the 8-inch pruner since this size is considered as the most flexible and usually utilized for gardening.

Bud Scissors

When trimming little branches, buds and leaves of any bonsai plant it is advisable to utilized the correct tool that will ensure you do these jobs appropriately. Bud scissors are exactly what you may require for this reason since they come with finger openings and shorter sharp edges for incredible control and magnificent cutting force at whatever point vital. As you close the cutting edges of the scissors, the handles' shaft stays far separated. This component averts unintentional squashing of critical parts of the plant when you close the handle shafts.

Stainless Angled Tweezers

Tweezers are useful for removing dead leaves and different debris and mealy bugs and other destructive bugs, without harming delicate new shoots, buds and leaves. Additionally you can utilize your tweezers for dispersing undesirable live buds, leaves and shoots. 8.25

Summary of Bonsai Tools & Their Functions

Bonsai ToolsFunction
Branch JackBending Trunks
Soil sievesPreparation of Soil
Root CuttersTrimming roots
Soil ScoopsPreparation of Soil

Guide: Top 7 Bamboo Sunglasses

By admin / May 15, 2017
Bamboo Sunglasses

With summer just around the corner and the sun blazing down, you need to protect your eyes from the sun. UVA/UVB rays can be harmful and even damage the eyes permanently. High-quality sunglasses that block UV should be on the top of your shopping list.

Sunglasses can be a hassle to carry and keep track of. However, many brands have a solution, bamboo-framed glasses. These are stylish and lightweight so much easier to carry around. They are so light that when you lay them on your head when not in use. You may just forget about them and think you misplaced them.

With so many brands and styles selecting a pair for yourself is not an easy process. That is why we did the research for you. We have reviewed the top 7 bamboo sunglasses. These glasses are not only beneficial for the environment but also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

Benefits of Bamboo Sunglasses

  • Handcrafted using eco-friendly bamboo
  • ​Lightweight, frames float in water
  • ​Sturdy, bamboo is a strong material
  • Very stylish
1Tree Tribe Polarized Laminated Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses4.8/5$$$
2Designer Wayfarer Style Polarized Glasses by Tree People4.75/5$$$
3Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized by Make Wear4.7/5$$$$
4Woodies Bamboo Wayfarer Style Sunglasses4.65/5$$$$
5JULI Mens Womens Fashion Wayfarer Wood Bamboo Printed Wrap 52MM Sunglasses4.5/5$
6Treehut Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses Temples Classic Aviator Retro Square Wood Sunglasses4.3/5$$$
7zeroUV - Polarized Genuine Bamboo Wood Horn Rimmed Sunglasses and Case4.1/5$$$

1. Tree Tribe Polarized Laminated Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Tree Tribe Polarized Laminated Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Tree Tribe is known to produce products that are environmental friendly and represent the Earth. For every pair purchased Tree Tribe pledges to plant 10 trees.

The glasses are hand crafted from thin layers of bamboos and stainless steel hinges, making them durable. The company uses certified polarized, glare proof lenses which protects you from UVA/UVB rays. No more squinting when you are out on the beach.

It comes with a sleek bamboo case, so you can safely store them and carry them around with you.

2. Designer Wayfarer Style Polarized Glasses by Tree People

Tree People manufactures their sunglasses from the highest quality of eco-friendly bamboo. The Designer Wayfarer are stylish and sturdy making them an excellent choice for your next pair of sunglasses. The anti-glare polarised lens protect you from glares and harmful rays. They are so light that they even float in water.

The Wayfarer are crafted to perfection. They are better suited for those with larger crown, so we wouldn’t recommend them for individuals with head below the average size. They will give you perfect vision and still look fashionable on a sunny day.

3. Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized by Make Wear

The Coronado by Make Wear stands out in the list as the only pair of glasses that are completely dark stained. They frames will give you the suave, cool feel. The lens on the glasses are tinted black protecting your eyes and giving you crystal clear vision.

The glasses overall will definitely awaken your spirit while you take a stroll on the beach. As others will look at you enviously.

4. Woodies Bamboo Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

The Woodies Bamboo Wayfarer combines bamboo with plastic. The arms of the sunglasses are made out of bamboo whereas the frame is plastic. The two materials blend well given a nice, vintage style.

Using polarized lens, the glasses will surely protect your eyes from the rays. They will also enable you to have crystal clear vision as they are anti-reflection and anti-glare. They are rigorously tested to guarantee safety for your eyes.

5. JULI Mens Womens Fashion Wayfarer Wood Bamboo Printed Wrap 52MM Sunglasses

JULI's Bamboo Wayfarer are sure to help you stand out in a crowd with its flair. The well-crafted pair of glasses are made from eco-friendly bamboo and has a plastic frame. JULI used resin lens which aid in blocking glare and also harmful rays.

The glasses are very stylish and the most affordable pair on the list.

6. Treehut Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses Temples Classic Aviator Retro Square Wood Sunglasses

Treehut promises sunglasses that are long-lasting and sturdy. The material used in their glasses can withstand both cold and hot weather. They are also quite comfortable. The Bamboo Aviator Retro are no exception. For all aviator fans these are definitely a pair of glasses you should consider. They are skillfully handcrafted and high-grade lenses are used, which allow you to go out in the sun without having to worry about harmful rays affecting your eyes.

The arm of the glasses are made of bamboo which is durable and rust-free.

7. zeroUV - Polarized Genuine Bamboo Wood Horn Rimmed Sunglasses and Case

zeroUV Bamboo Sunglasses are protective and trendy. They are unique, created with a plastic lens and frame, while also genuine bamboo. The lens are tinted black so protect you from UVA rays, reducing glare, while staying trendy.

The glasses come with a genuine bamboo casing with every purchase. Providing protection to the glasses when you store them and also allowing you to carry them in your bag with ease.

So with your homework done, what are you now waiting for? You can purchase any of the above bamboo made sunglasses and rest assured you are getting long-lasting glasses that protect your eyes from the sun while also providing you with crystal clear vision. The best part it, bamboo is very eco-friendly as it requires no water to grow while no chemicals or harmful process is employed to cut them down.

How to access mywifiext

By admin / May 6, 2017
access mywifiext is a web address that opens settings on a Netgear range extender. A WiFi range extender enhances your current WiFi network. We’ve all tried to load a TV show or movie and sat in front of our screen watching the “buffering” screen load our entertainment. At times, this can be a lengthy process and become very frustrating. A range extender will speed up this process for you.

Not solely for your entertainment, a range extender gives you faster Wi-Fi speed for all of your speedy internet needs on any of your devices - cell phone, laptop, portable PC, tablet, among others. WiFi extenders eliminate dead zones and help you unplug by giving you an extended WiFi range. WiFi extenders are generally simple to install with a plug and go system. offers instant extender setup and has expert technicians to offer you professional support.

The extender setup is quite simple. You must first ensure that your WiFi switch supports WiFi Protected Setup, or WPS. This extender will even copy the security and other settings from your current WiFi system to its system, so you don’t have to. With this double band gadget, you are able to amplify both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signs. Your wireless system will disconnect while the new settings are changed to the new amplified system. Simply reconnect your tablet or workstation to the new system, complete the setup, and you are ready to go.

There may be times when you have issues accessing the website. is a local web address, not a regular internet website, that opens the settings of a Netgear wireless range extender. To access the website, your computer must be either wirelessly connected to your range extender or physically connected by ethernet.

If your computer is not connected to the internet, you might see one of the following error messages:

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

  • “Page cannot be displayed”
  • “You are not connected to a network.”

Google Chrome

  • "Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”


  • “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at”


  • “Can't find server.”

If another message appears other than the ones listed above, ensure you have entered the correct web address. Misspelling the web address in your browser could take you to a fraudulent website attempting to steal your login credentials. If a payment is requested, you have definitely found a fake third-party website - Netgear does not request money for the use of a product you have purchased from them. With your purchase, Netgear also provides you with 90 days of complimentary support via phone or live chat.

Here is a list of ways to troubleshoot connectivity issues:

  • Put your range extender and wireless router in the same room
  • Once there is a working connection to the wireless router, you can put the range extender where you want it to live
  • ​Double check you are connected to a power source - the LED light will be lit if the range extender is receiving power
  • Using an ethernet cable, connect your range extender to your router
  • ​If your range extender has a PC to Extender LED or a Device to Extender LED, be sure the LED is lit
  • If the LED is not lit, unplug and replug both ends of the ethernet cable that connects the range extender to your router
  • ​Enter in your web browser the range extender’s default IP address:
  • If this hasn’t worked, and you still don’t have access to your extender, reset your browser and try again
  • ​Open a new web browser to ensure the browser isn’t the issue
  • Assign your computer a static IP address
    • See one of the following for more information about setting up static IP addresses
  • If you have not been successful accessing your extender, contact Netgear support for professional assistance

Clash of Clans Free Gems

By admin / May 5, 2017
Clash of Clans Free Gems

Clash of Clans is a free, multiplayer mobile strategy game from Supercell. Join the Clash community with millions of players from all over the world. Build a village, train your troops, brew spells, and defend your turf. Unlock clans and unite with others to share troops or request reinforcements for more firepower in attack and defense. Attack players from around the world in multiplayer mode or defeat the Goblin Horde in single player mode.

Fight wars against enemy clans for glory and to earn bonus loot, Clan XP, and Clan perks. After building your base, training your troops and scouting your enemies, prepare for battle. Earn war stars with the best attack on a base. At the end of wars, each successful attack earns your castle gold and elixir. Gold and elixir is needed to build and reload protective defenses. Gold and elixir can be earned in single player mode as well. Builders upgrade buildings and by default you get two. When your builders are busy, you have to wait for them to finish or speed the process with gems. You can get up to five builders using gems. You can even use gems to train your army, upgrade your troops, and “boost” buildings like barracks and resource productions.

Gems are also used as currency. The easiest and safest way to acquire gems is buying them through in-app purchases. While playing the game, you can earn gems by clearing obstacles on your base like trees, mushrooms, or gem boxes. If you don’t use your gems on speeding up processes, you can save gems and they will start to accumulate. Gems are awarded when you complete certain achievements, or when you reach a milestone.

In Game Activities to Earn Gems

  • Remove obstacles like rocks, mushrooms and trees – remember to leave space for more plants to grow, giving you more to remove, thus earning more gems
    • 5 removed obstacles earn you 5 gems
    • 50 removed obstacles earn you 10 gems
    • 500 removed obstacles earn you 20 gems
  • Upgrade buildings, steal gold, complete the Campaign, unlock units like the Dragon and Archer to earn up 20 gems

Achievements that earn gems:

  • Friend in Need (providing your allies with reinforcements): 250 gems
  • League All-Star (advancing through CLash of Clans league
    • Crystal League: 250 gems
    • Master League: 1,000 gems
    • Champion: 2,000 gems
  • Firefighter (destroy your opponent’s Inferno Towers) – destroy 5,000 towers: 1,000 gems
  • War Hero (win stars for your clan in War Battles) – 1,000 stars: 1,000 gems
  • Spoils of War (collect gold from Clan War bonuses) 100,000,000 gold: 1,000 gems
  • Earn trophies by winning in multiplayer games – whether you attack or are attacked, you can win (and also lose) trophies
    • Get 1250 trophies: 450 gems
    • Get 2000 trophies: 250 gems
    • Get 2600 trophies: 1000 gems
    • Get 3200 trophies: 2000 gems
    • Get 150 War stars: 200 gems

Supercell also holds monthly forum contests that award its winners with thousands of gems. Rules and specifics change each month and some contests even earn your entire clan lots of gems. Some months even reward multiple users. March, 2017 saw 6 users each winning 2,000 gems.

For Android devices, you can install the Google Opinion Rewards app. Completing marketing surveys will reward you with Google Play credit, which you can spend on Clash of Clans gems. The app is safe and most surveys are short, awarding between $0.10 and $1.00. The app is only available for Android and not iOS devices.

There are sites that claim to be gem generators and offer to get you unlimited gems. These sites are most likely spyware and you could be giving someone else your personal information or control of your account. Clash of Clans servers are highly secured and Clash of Clans will ban you for using some of these cheats. You should proceed with extreme caution when considering one of these options.
Supercell warns users against hacks – iTunes and Google Play are the only places you can get more gems. Clash of Clans has their own resource generator, which is your safest and most secure choice.

What Is 192.168 ll Router Admin Login For?

By admin / May 4, 2017 is an IP address. Any computer, printer, phone, or other device on a TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol) network has an IP (internet protocol) address which uniquely identifies it with a binary number. Some network routers can even have one address for each active network interface. IP Addresses can be private (for use on a LAN, Local Area Network) or public (for use on the internet or another WAN Wide Area Network).

There are two types of IP Addresses – static and dynamic. Both types serve you well, but depending on your needs, one may be better than another. Most commonly, you will be assigned a dynamic IP address. Dynamic addresses change, or can be changed. Occasionally your ISP will create a static IP address. Static addresses do not change.

Dynamic IP Addresses

  • Don’t cost extra
  • Are more efficient for your Internet Service Provider
  • Geolocation is less accurate, if that is a concern
  • Is automatic and reliable, without extra effort from you
  • Slightly slower download speed

Static IP Addresses

  • Cost extra
  • Are better suited for businesses than residences
  • Are better for hosting computer servers
  • Geolocation is more accurately assessed
  • Are better for mail, FTP, and VPN servers
  • Requires more advanced technical skills to set up

Knowing your device’s IP address is important for when you need to access your router’s settings. Routers decipher and deliver to your computer the information that comes through your broadband signal via a modem. A router is a small box that offers either wired or wireless connections. Wireless routers can connect computers, phones, tablets, and other devices to the same network.

In order to access the internet, you also need a modem. A modem looks similar to a router, but it provides access to the internet. In lieu of connecting your router directly to your computer, connect your router to a modem, which will connect all of your devices to the internet.

All of your devices will have the same external IP address. You acquire your IP address from your  internet service provider (ISP). While the external IP address is the same for every device, you could also have a separate IP address for each device. The IP address identifies your computer on the internet with a unique code made up of four sets of numbers from 0-255, each set separated by three dots. is one of the most common IP addresses that routers use as an access-point for administrators to configure their networks and routers. Using it will give you the authority to change the settings and configurations that your router software provides. Entering in your browser’s address bar will allow you to access your router’s admin panel.

From the Router’s Admin Panel, you can adjust

  • Security options
  • WLAN settings
  • IP Qos (IP Quality of Service)
  • DNS (Domain Name Servers)
  • Proxy
  • Network management
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client
  • PPPOE (point-to-point protocol over ethernet)

How to access the Admin Panel

The IP address admin login is your way to be your own administrator. The above tasks can be performed, changed, or adjusted by using the below steps.

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in your browser’s address bar
  • A login page will appear
  • Enter your router’s username and password
  • You are now able to access the tools needed to troubleshoot issues or change settings and configurations

Best 3DS Emulator

By admin / May 4, 2017
Best 3DS Emulator

An emulator is software or hardware that pretends to be another device or program. One computer system, or host, can act like another, or guest. The host can run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. When a hardware device becomes outdated but still needs to work with a new device, an emulator is employed.

The 3DS is Nintendo’s portable game system released in early 2011. It has a wide, 3.5 inch 3D screen and uses parallax-based technology that creates the illusion of 3D graphics popping off the screen. Just like the DS, the bottom screen of the 3DS is a stylus-based touchscreen.

A 3DS emulator is a closed source that is used to emulate Nintendo games so that you can use your Android phone or PC to play Nintendo 3DS games. With the 3DS emulator, you no longer need the Nintendo console to play.

Best 3DS Emulators for your Android

There are a number of 3DS emulators. Let’s start by talking about the best ones for your Android phone. Most emulators are still under development, so there aren’t many gratifying options out there. Among the working emulators, below are the best.

1. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator

The DraStic DS Emulator allows you to play Nintendo games full speed. It is one of the most stable emulators out there. WIth this emulator, you can enhance 3D graphics to 2 by 2 times their original resolution and customize the placement and size of the DS screens - either portrait or landscape. This emulator supports hardware and software controllers. It will even synchronize with your Google Drive space.

Save states let you save and resume your progress anywhere. With thousands of cheat codes in its database, you can modify your gaming experience how you want.


  • Enhance 3D graphics
  • Google drive support
  • Controller customization


  • Does not support WiFi/multiplayer emulation
  • Costs $4.99

2. AseDS


The AseDS (NDS.EMU)’s emulator is a free emulator that lets you play your games on any Android device. Like the DraStic emulator, you can save and load games from anywhere, any time. It supports wireless controllers and device microphone. AseDS lets you keep your screen in its original state or stretch it to fit another size.

This emulator gives you custom button layouts and codebreaker cheat codes. It emulates the dual touchscreen interface and gives you automatic frame skipping and flickr reduction.


  • Free of charge
  • Custom button layouts
  • Cheat codes
  • Screen display options


  • Occasionally crashes
  • Games run a bit slowly
  • Ads can be annoying

3. NDS Boy!

NDS Boy!

The NDS Boy! NDS Emulator is another free option. This version is a little more limiting, especially if you don’t have a high-end device with 2G RAM, quad-core CPU or higher. Lower devices are not identified by the emulator and will have a heavy lag or even crash completely.

NDS Boy! supports NDS game files (.nds, .zip, .7z, .rar). Similar to the other emulators on the list, you can save and load quickly and easily from anywhere as well as customize controls.


  • Free of charge
  • Customizable controls
  • Supports NDS game files
  • Edit and resize dpad


  • Only supports Android 4.0+
  • Slow speed
  • Recommends turning off sound to improve speed

Best 3DS Nintendo Emulators for PC

When you want to use your PC to play Nintendo 3DS games, the best emulators are below.

1. Citra 3DS Emulator

Citra 3DS Emulator

Citra 3DS Emulator is the most popular emulator and is in a constant state of improvement. It is an open source emulator written in C++. With builds maintained for Windows, Linux, and macOS, Citra keeps portability in mind.

Most useful for running and debugging homebrew applications, Citra only emulates a subset of 3DS hardware. Currently, Citra can boot several commercial games. A user friendly program that lets you play Nintendo 3DS games on your PC, Citra is simple to download.


  • Impressive resolution that can adjust up to 720p
  • Debugging homebrew
  • Allows multiplayer


  • ROMs need to be decrypted
  • Requires high speed internet connection

2. DeSmuME


DeSmuME is a free emulator that is constantly being updated and issues are being fixed. The latest version has seen some nice core fixes, most notably the save-related issues. DeSmuME has all of the usual emulator features like control configuration and save states.


  • Great for older games
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Control configuration


  • r5430 or later doesn't support Windows 32-bit And r5358 and beyond



No$GBA is an emulator for windows and DOS. It can run commercial and homebrew ROMs. Created for DOS in 1997, it was upgraded in 1998 to support Game Boy ROMs. Originally free of charge, the upgrade cost users $10.

In 2001, with the release of the Game Boy Advance, No$GBA released an emulator for Windows and DOS operating systems. This version features multiplayer support by emulating the Game Boy Advance link cable.


  • 3D rendering
  • Sound emulation
  • Code Breaker codes for DS games


  • Upgrade price tag at $10
  • Not functional for commercial ROMs

4. NeonDS

NeonDS from Softonic is available for Windows 2000 and earlier versions. Only available in English, it doesn’t use as much space as other PC games. This emulator is for Windows and has a good sized list of compatible games. Some games don’t play sound, but most games work well.

The rendering system of NeonDS is optimized for OpenGL 2.0 and allows video capture. The tactile screen can be used virtually with the mouse.


  • Free of charge
  • Obtains up to 60 FPS, even on older computers


  • Not compatible with the full Nintendo DS catalog
  • Some games have low frame rates

While no emulator will be as good as playing with your 3DS console, these listed emulators are great options. Whether you want to play Nintendo game on your PC or your Android phone, you will find an option that will work for you.

How to get Crown

By admin / May 3, 2017

How to get is a free app that allows you to create short music or comedy videos. is available for free in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store.

To create a music video, the users have a few options. One option is to select a song from the library. You can use a portion of a popular song or the entire song. Record yourself dancing and/or lip-synching to it.

Another option is to create short videos of you actually singing, not just lip-synching or dancing. You can record original content or sing a known song. This option has secured soe users actual recording contracts.

Outside of lip-synching and dancing, you can produce other creative entertaining pieces. You can create short sketches about anything you want from fashion to tv. You could create a comedy routine or act. You can even produce tutorials about earning a Crown.

Once your video is recorded, you have the ability to add effects and filters to give your video something different to help you stand out. Your video should contain trending hashtags. The leader board of will list the trending hashtags. Don’t overuse them – hashtag smartly and appropriately.

Your finished product is shared on All accounts are automatically public and can be followed by anyone. You do have the option to create a private account which is only followed by those you approve. Public accounts will offer you the best opportunities to gain likes and followers.

Your completed videos can also be uploaded to other social networks of your choosing – like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also save your videos to your computer and share them however you wish.

“Musers”, USERS, are all out for the same thing – followers and likes; but ultimately they are looking to create a featured video and earn a Crown. selects the featured videos and they appear on the Featured Feed. The Featured Feed is viewed by all musers. Those videos earn their creators additional likes and fans, which in turn leads to the coveted ‘Crown’.

A Crown is what uses to authenticate a user’s profile. Crowns are earned when the panel verifies your account and deems your video as outstanding. With over 130 million users uploading 12 million videos a day, it is no simple task to attain this attention.

Fame is one way to earn a Crown. While the number of likes, fans, or features you have are some of the factors that lead to a Crown, is also looking for creative, meaningful, and interesting content. Engaging your followers and others in the community is another way to gain attention and earn a crown.

When selecting your music from the library, you may be better served choosing less popular tunes. Songs with fewer videos betters the chances of your video being listed at the top of the leader board for those songs. That doesn’t mean you should select music you hate, but maybe look at some of the great, songs your favorite artist has that haven’t hit number one yet.

Increase your chances of earning a Crown

  • Create high quality videos
    • Use good lighting
    • Make sure your sound is clear
    • A stable camera can be more appealing than a shaky one
  • Create videos with original content
  • Use less popular songs to stand out from the crowd
  • Get featured
  • Add trending hashtags to your videos
  • Have a fan base that you respond to and engage

One way NOT to get a Crown is to use a hack. Websites that claim to offer a hack to earn followers, hearts, and features are not condoned by and could potentially damage your system. recommends you never supply your username and password to any website or hack and if your information has been given out, you should change your password immediately.

How to configure TCS email in mobile

By admin / May 2, 2017

Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, is an India based global consulting firm that assists businesses with IT solutions and services. TCS is an international company with more than 387,000 professionals from 130 different countries, nearly 35% of whom are women. TCS partners with businesses to offer smart technology plans for every need in every industry from Banking & Finance to Travel & Hospitality. TCS has a trademarked Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) that offers its customers the best processes, skills, and delivery from the best place in the world. TCS makes investments in digital platforms and products that span technology products and both vertical and horizontal platforms and products.

If you work for TCS, you and every other TCS employee will be provided with an Enterprise Resource Planning Service (ERP). The TCS ERP allows employees to manage salary records, timesheets, and HR related services, all through TCS Webmail. TCS Webmail engages employees, posts employee notices, and offers employees a place to with each other. Employees can access their official, personal webmail by visiting the highly secure TCS webmail site.

Accessing your TCS Webmail

Visiting will bring you to the below login page.

How to configure TCS email in mobile

Enter your username and password. You will receive these from your manager.

Now you are ready to access your TCS employee records. If you have questions, you can also access a toll free helpline number for assistance.

Notes on Security

When accessing TCS Webmail from home, always be certain you are working from a secure system. Your TCS Webmail will contain personal and sensitive information about you and you do not want to compromise yourself by using a non-secure system.

When accessing TCS Webmail through your browser, ensure you have the latest version of that program, whether it be Opera or Puffin, or another.

Be sure to have up-to-date antivirus software on your system.

As soon as you notice any suspicious activity, you should run a full boot time scan of your computer.

Access TCS Webmail from your Android device or iPhone

To access TCS Webmail on your iPhone or Android device, you can download their application. You can find and download the Android app in the Play Store. For iPhones, simply visit your app store and look for and download the app.

You could also use the steps below to load the app directly onto any mobile device.

Download TCS Webmail App

  • Open your mobile web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  • Open the TCS Webmail website.
  • Access the ‘Utilities’ section
  • Open the Appmart
  • Resgister for TCS Ultamatix
  • Install TCS Ultamatix on your mobile device

Once you have the app on your mobile device, you are ready to communicate with technical experts 24/7, as well as track your salary, timesheets, performance, appraisals, and projects.

Issues you may encounter using TCS Webmail

Forgotten Password

Everyone forgets their password. It happens. If you forget your TCS Webmail password, it is simple to reset it.

  • Visit the TCS Webmail site
  • Click ‘Forgot Password’
  • Enter your username, date of birth (DOB), hire date, and answer a security question (the one you created when you registered)
  • You will now be able to reset your password

Suspended Account

Your account has been suspended

If you get this message, do not ignore it. The longer it goes unaddressed, the bigger the problem for you. Your account information can be affected. To resolve the issue, simply contact the Global helpdesk. You can contact them through email or by calling them on the helpline number – a list by country is below.

  • Toll Free (US): 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639).
  • Toll Free (India): 1-800-425-4827 / 1-800-CALL-TCS (1-800-255-5827).
  • Toll Free (UK): 0207-2458000

One last point to note, is that you can also access TCS Webmail on your mobile device through Lotus Note. While this generally works, the major downside to this option is that if this method fails you, TCS is not liable for any issues that arise. You are best served using their approved apps.

Best Free Online Disc Personality Tests

By admin / April 20, 2017
Disc Personality Tests

Personality tests are a quick, easy way to learn about ourselves. With DISC tests, you’ll gain personal awareness that will help you interacting with others at work and in every aspect of your life. Understand your communication style to gain insights into how you can become more successful in your interactions with others.

Goal of the DISC model:

  • Immediately improve interpersonal communications
  • Connect with co-workers more effectively
  • Understand what you need to do to be more successful in your interactions with others.

Four main behavioral styles make up the DISC model. Most people are a blend of these four styles, as most people display each style, with some traits more dominant than others. The DISC styles are clear when we view them in the circle diagram shown below.

Each quadrant of the circle describes the typical behavior exhibited by people who show these behavioral traits. The DISC model is not necessarily measuring personality styles as behavioral styles. The four characteristic traits for each behavioral type are dominant, inspiring, supportive, and cautious. These words are simple, easy to remember representations of the traits encompassed within them.

Description of each trait:

  • Dominant: People with both outgoing and task-oriented traits often exhibit dominant and direct behaviors. These people usually focus on results, problem-solving, and the bottom-line.
  • Influence: People with both outgoing and people-oriented traits often exhibit inspiring and interactive behaviors. These people usually focus on interacting with people, having fun, and/or creating excitement.
  • Steadiness: People with both reserved and people-oriented traits often exhibit supportive and steady behaviors. These people usually focus on preserving relationships and on creating or maintaining peace and harmony.
  • Compliance: People with both reserved and task-oriented traits often exhibit cautious and careful behaviors. These people usually focus on facts, rules, and correctness.

This list shows you where the name DISC comes from. Most people do not fall directly into any one category. Dominant people place an emphasis on accomplishing results. They can be blunt and usually gets right to the point. Those falling in the influence category are optimistic, enthusiastic, and open. They can be very persuasive. Calm and sincere people fall into the steadiness category. They do not like to be rushed and are generally very dependable. Independent and competent people fall into the Compliance category. They need details, accuracy and approach tasks with objective reasoning.

To learn more about your approach to tasks and to help you understand your co-workers better, here are some of the best FREE online DISC tests. Regardless of which test you choose, always remember none of the tests will yield helpful information if you do not answer honestly.

One of the websites with very clear and helpful information for rading your results can be found at 123 test.

DISC personality Testing offers an easy to use test with quick results and resources to better understand your results.

The Discovery Report Disc Test gives you the option to answer the question for your work or your personal interactions.

For Managers offers a very easy test to take with a good description of your results.

For another good free option, you can visit Online Personality Tests. The site is bare bones, but the results are helpful and easy to read.

What are Nas-coal removed funds?

By admin / April 17, 2017

NAS COAL is an acronym for National Account Services Court Ordered Action Levy. You may see a NAS-COAL removed funds in your bank account. If you see this withdrawal, this means you have a lien, judgement, garnishment, or other legal order against you, legally allowing your bank to remove funds from your account and give it to whomever has filed the judgement, lien, or garnishment against you.

A judgement is when a collector or creditor has sued you and won over a debt which is outstanding. A judgement will state how much money you owe and is now your legal obligation to pay that debt back to the creditor. Any creditor with a borrower who owes them payment and has defaulted on their payments, can seek a judgement against the borrower. For example, if you defaulted on a loan, credit card, your taxes, or haven’t paid your EZ/Sun Pass or FasTrak bills, those creditors can seek a judgement from the court.

To get a judgement, your creditor must take you to court. If you ignore their notices, the court will rule in favor of your creditor and issue a judgement, indicating NOLO. NOLO is a no-contest plea – you haven’t officially or technically pleaded guilty, yet it is effectively a guilty plea. If you go to court and lose, the court will issue a judgement. In either scenario, that judgement is filed with the court and now public record. Public record means it will appear on your credit report.

To avoid a judgement, you should get in touch with your creditor and attempt to settle the payment with them prior to court action. Some creditors will settle for part of the debt, especially if you don’t have the wages or assets for them to collect the full amount. If they are unwilling to settle for part, and you can find a way to borrow from a friend or relative, this will help you avoid a judgement. If you borrow money, be sure to write an agreement with your friend or family member, so you don’t find yourself back in court with him/her. Whether you settle for all or part of the debt, always get final paperwork from your creditor stating you have satisfactorily paid your debt with them.

Once the judgement has been entered, your wages could be garnished, the creditor can place liens against your owned property, or they can even obtain levies against any of your assets. A levy is court order that could be used to authorize your bank to freeze and seize funds in your account. Levies can also authorize law enforcement to seize and sell your property, giving your creditor the proceeds. While there is a “statute of limitations” on judgements, which is generally 10-20 years, judgements can be renewed in most states. This means you should try to avoid judgements and resolve them as soon as you can.

If you don’t know of any judgements against you, but you see NAS-COAL removed funds in your account, you should appeal to whomever filed for the collection. Your bank will have the order on file. If you do not know of a judgement, request a copy of the order from your bank. A NAS-COAL removed funds is between you and whomever filed the paperwork. Your bank cannot help you, as they are following proper procedure by allowing the transaction. But be aware, banks generally charge fees on NAS-COAL – for paperwork, the levy itself, and if the NAS-COAL debits cause overdrafts on your account. Some of these fees can be substantial, and they can accumulate quickly if you don’t keep up with it. Worst case scenario would be an extended negative bank account causing your bank to file a lawsuit against you for that amount, further escalating your situation.

You may want to seek council with a consumer law attorney if a creditor threatens to garnish your wages or get a judgement against you. These threats can be illegal and it’s in your best interest to know if it is. You also should know your rights when dealing with a debt collector. offers a list of the Top 10 Debt Collection RIghts.
You can also visit the Consumer FInancial Protection Bureau to find more information, tools, and resources to help you with your financial planning.

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